Friday, November 7, 2014

What They Said


Greta: Could you relax in a bed with a dead frog underneath it?

Me: Why, did you put a dead frog underneath my bed?

Greta: NO, I'm just asking.

Me: Oh, OK...well, no I wouldn't find that very relaxing. 

(checks bed for dead frogs before going to bed)


Heidi: (while eating a piece of candy Greta gave her).  This candy is awfully melty, what happened?

Greta: I don't know, it's not hot outside.

Me: Did you have it in your pocket?
Greta: No, I kept it in my shoe.

Heidi: spits candy out with a sudden velocity I hadn't seen before


Greta:  What?  What? The candy is wrapped.  What's wrong with keeping it in your shoe.

Heidi: Cause' that's gross.

Greta: Well, what's the difference between that and  getting candy in your shoe in St. Nicholas Day?

Me: Hmm...guess we need to rethink our St. Nicholas tradition.

Heidi: Your foot being in the shoe is the difference.

  Me: John, you don't want ice cream, do you?

John: I love ice cream, but even if I didn't, I'd be willing to make the sacrifice.


Elsa: Mommy, Mommy, Mommy (pointing to every woman she sees in her Bible picture book)
Daddy, Daddy, Daddy (pointing to every man she sees in the book)
Doggie, Doggie, Doggie (pointing to every animal she sees, whether it is a donkey or a lion). 

She needs some work


John: I have a new recipe that uses rice cakes and long chocolate.

Me:  What is long chocolate?

John: You know, long chocolate, chocolate that is long.

Me: Oh, you mean a chocolate bar?

John: yes, a chocolate bar.

(poor kid is so deprived of candy, he doesn't know the proper name of a candy bar). 


Greta:  Earlier today when I was beating UP the cookies, the beater mysteriously unplugged itself. 

How cruel...beating up cookies. 


  1. "Your foot being in the shoe is the difference." That cracked me up! And she's totally right!

  2. Candy in a shoe??? Oh yuck!!!

    The twins keep referring to M&Ms, Reese's pieces, and Skittles as "seeds" and it's so funny to me! I've stopped trying to correct them, because I feel like if they recognize those as seeds rather than candy, we're doing something right ;)

  3. "Even if I didn't, I'd be willing to make the sacrifice." -HILARIOUSLY GOLDEN! TB


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