Friday, December 5, 2014

7QTF - An Update of Sorts and Homeboy Jesus

1. A few weeks back my week in the life posts, I mentioned how John had a routine doctor appointment and the doctor found some hearing loss so they referred him to an audiologist.  Well...he had the full hearing screen and his hearing is normal.

I guess part of normal hearing is being able to hear do you want ice cream from across the house, but not being able to hear eat your vegetables from across the table.

2. Heidi is doing a bit better with her back pain.  She still has times when it's worse and better, but overall it is getting better and her SED rate (indicating inflammation) has been decreasing. Although she still has frequent headaches.  We were hoping the glasses she got from the doctor's office would help, but they appear to be too small so we're waiting on another pair and hoping that helps.  

3.  I cut Greta's hair in a spontaneous fit of inspiration during a daily battle over brushing it.  I must say..the difference is AMAZING.  Her hair went from always looking a mess 
(even 30 seconds after brushing it)  
to always looking good. 


Not sure why I didn't think of it before.  
Well..I do know why. It's because this was Greta at age 3.5.  No, she's never had a haircut, this was as long as her hair grew in those 3.5 years. 

So, I've been sorta loathe to ever take a scissors anywhere near her hair because it grows SUPER SLOWLY.

4.  Elsa has been talking a lot more. And she's been using the potty independently, which is great.  Except for the fact that she insists on using the big toilet and has been known to fall in on occasion. Thankfully a wet tushy has not deterred her from potty usage. 

5.  This picture is hanging on my parent's wall.  We call it Homeboy Jesus.  What do you think?  I think someone just put the pictures in crooked, but the result is hilarious. Ben wants to start a letter-writing campaign to convince my parents to remove this picture from their wall.  So...if you know my parents...write them a letter!  Or not. 

6.  Still no news on the job front for Ben. 

7.  I ran the St. Nicholas Party for our homeschool group today.  We had a swap table where people brought in stuff and the kids "bought" stuff to give as presents to their family. We also had a few others games and crafts.  It went surprisingly well considering how little effort I put into it.  But, I didn't take any pictures and I won't subject you to a play by play of what we did, because I'm sure that 90% of other people would have put more effort in and have something more exciting to show for it.  I think everyone had fun anyway...although we ran out of tape.  I way underestimated the amount of tape we would need for wrapping a bunch of little presents. Nonetheless, I consider the party to be a success. 

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  1. Aw, man. I was hoping for a job update. Although I'm sure not as much as you are! Praying to St. Joseph the Worker!

    P.S. Homeboy Jesus is HILARIOUS!

  2. Sorry still nothing on the job front for your husband. I'll continue to hound St. Joseph! And I had to laugh out loud at the Homeboy Jesus.

  3. Homeboy Jesus, I trust in you! And I am impressed that you are so involved with your homeschooling group and you just moved there. I would totally still be procrastinating even joining.


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