Friday, December 26, 2014

Adventures in Family Picture Taking and Hints for the Amateur Photographer

We tried to get family pictures taken yesterday at our Christmas family gathering.

The results were less than impressive. 

Getting a bunch of people to all look good in a photo is no small task and not something for the faint of heart. 

First we had this one:
Someone is completely blocked and someone else is messing with their hair. 

Then we had this one:

Then we had this one.  Someone hates pictures.

And then this one:

Fighting is always a great thing to have in photos.

Pretty much no one is looking at the camera.

Probably the best one...but Greta still looks fairly ticked off.

My kids all view pictures as some sort of even though candy bribes were involved, they were less than cooperative.

Also, notice the pink unicorn in the background. What is a family photo without a giant pink unicorn??

Since we can't really afford professional photos, we have to rely on the generosity of family members or friends.  So whenever we get together with family members, I've been known to beg picture taking. 

So, if you are the generous family member or friend who get roped into clicking my cheap little point and shoot camera..thank you!!!! It is much appreciated.

And, it's not an easy job.  

So, I'm come up with a few tips for anyone who gets roped/bribed/threatened/begged into taking group/family photos for someone else.  

1. Take LOTS of photos.  Just take a bunch of them one right after the other.  That way you are more likely to find at least one where NO ONE is blinking or looking away or moving.   Don't be afraid to take lots!

2.  Be bossy!  Seriously....I WANT you to tell us to tilt our heads or shift our bodies or move closer together or sit up straight or change our positions or switch places or whatever else we need to do to get a nicer picture. 

Take this photo for example.

I love this photo..but I think it would have looked a bit nicer if Ben and I were holding hands.  Since our respective rocks are sorta far apart, I think us holding hands would have provided more cohesiveness to the family picture.   Of course, it would have looked nice if Greta and John were holding hands as well...but they are standing fairly close together as it is, so not such a big deal.

3.  Move Around: Try moving around taking the picture from all different angles. For example in the first picture we took up there, Heidi is completely blocked.  But all the photographer did was move a little bit to get a different angle and have everyone visible. 

Did you get a family picture taken this Christmas.  Do you have any tips or hints for the amateur photographer?  
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  1. Good tips! When I take pictures of groups of people, I become like Donkey from Shrek. I yell, "Look here, look here! Here I am taking your picture! Smile! Look here!" It is obnoxious, but it dies help. If I need to say names I do. Ha! I also take rapid shots and lots of them. And I try to take them from a slightly upward angle because it is flattering to most people.


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