Friday, December 19, 2014

How Potty Training Helped My Toddler Sleep Better and Other Quick Takes


A miracle occurred.  Elsa, at the ripe old age of 2, started napping on her own for longer than 30 minutes.  A true miracle..seriously.  And what can we thank for this great occurrence?  Potty-training.  Queen Elsa doesn't like to be whenever she pees, she wakes up.  She's done this ever since she was born.  Since she always nurses to sleep, she usually would pee around 30 minutes after falling asleep.  HOWEVER, once she potty-trained and started wearing panties full-time, I made a point of taking her to the potty and making sure she emptied her bladder before napping. she sleeps much longer. A Christmas miracle.  Not the one I wanted..but at least it's something.  


Actually I hate the term Christmas Miracle.
People use it to talk about great things that happen at Christmastime, but lots of times great things don't happen at Christmastime.  I mean I guess the First Christmas was pretty great...but other than that, good things aren't more likely to happen at Christmastime than any other time.  So, I just hate the whole expectation. 


This is the last day we are doing school until January. The kids get a whole 2 weeks off.  And, seriously..I can't wait until January. Not because I love doing school so much, but because I love the routine and structure school provides. Sadly enough, I don't enjoy breaks or vacations nearly as much as I enjoy the routine of regular time. Plus, Ben has just been substitute teaching, so that means 2 whole weeks without the possibility of any work (or pay).  So...can't wait until January. 

I am looking forward to seeing out of town family who are coming in and Christmas cookies/chocolate.  But other than that..not so much.


One of the nicest things about blogging is getting to met new bloggy friends.  My friend Erika wrote this great post on gift giving.   It is super thoughtful and discusses how many times gifts just become an "exchange" instead of a gift.  You should read it.                


We're getting involved in 4-H.  I was super involved in 4-H when I was a kid/teen, but for some reason I haven't gotten my kids involved in it yet.  Until now.  We just joined a local 4-H club and are looking at projects.  So yay..for more activities.   Seriously...I love being busy and having stuff to do all the time.  There is nothing more depressing to me than seeing an empty calendar.  Well..other than seeing an empty bank account that is. 


I just came across this article. 

See...I knew I was smart. 


We're probably the only people who still don't have a Christmas tree up.  I'm procrastinating as long as possible.  Super small house and 1 destructive toddler do not make for a good Christmas tree situation.  Plus, we literally have no place to put one.  Like maybe one tiny corner of the kitchen and that's it...and I hate crowded spaces.  But the kids want one, so I guess we'll put up our tiny, artificial tree on Christmas Eve and take it down on January 2nd.   Hopefully I can tolerate it for that long. 

And...I'll leave you with a bit of humor.


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  1. Yay for longer naps and 4H! :)

  2. I agree with Holly - yay for longer naps and 4-H!
    Thanks for the link love! And I agree that making new friends through blogging is great! :)

  3. We don't have a Christmas tree yet either! And my sister and I refer to any good event as a Christmas miracle or Thanksgiving miracle or Fourth of July miracle, so it works year-round ;)

  4. I totally feel your pain, Amelia, about the job situation and the stress and worry over finances and making ends meet. It stinks! I'm sorry you're still there. I'd love to say that we're past that point, but although we're super grateful to be blessed with *some* employment, it's still not of the long-term, predictable nature. It's hard--but we haven't been struggling nearly as much as you have been. I will continue to keep you guys in my prayers!

    In the meantime, I DO believe in Christmas miracles! Cory and I were actually just talking about them over dinner. We experienced a whole slew of them in church today--for reals. And it made me think that if God was causing so many miracles in our church today, He must have been doing the same thing in every other church today! (Okay, and not just in churches, but you know what I mean.) And then I realized that He blesses us with miracles every day of the year, but we just aren't as mindful of His small, tender mercies, and they might go un-noticed, or we might not remember to give God credit for them. It was an uplifting thought. So, Christmas miracles can and do happen every day. I hope and wish and pray that you will experience some this Christmas season, Amelia!! (I'm sure you already have. ;D ) Merry Christmas!!!

  5. Yay! My comment posted! I feel bad because I comment on your blog quite frequently, but I swear only half of them actually publish! I don't know what I'm doing wrong. But it worked this time. See?! It was a Christmas miracle! (Okay. Now I'm just being admittedly annoying. I'm getting punchy and it's time for bed!)


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