Monday, December 22, 2014

Merry Christmas Quiz From The Bentrups

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year dear readers!!

Every one's taking quizzes these days, so for your Christmas pleasure, I've decided to give you our very own Bentrup family quiz in lieu of your typical, boring old Christmas letter. Not to say that every one's Christmas letters are boring or anything...the ones we've received so far have great..and it's so fun to hear what everyone has been up to!

But we're doing a quiz...just because I like to be different.  And I love quizzes.'s your Christmas Quiz 

1. In 2014 the Bentrups:
 a. started out the year living in Newport News, VA.
 b. are ending the year living in Fort Wayne, IN.
 c. still own an annoying, orange cat that wreaks havoc.
 d. lost a sorta beloved guinea pig to guinea pig heaven.
 e. all of the above.

2. The year Ben: 
 a. won the lottery.
 b. taught Spanish to a bunch of middle School punks for the 2013-2014 year.
 c. passed the Indiana bar exam and became licensed to practice law in Indiana.
 d.passed some crazy theory-based teaching exam and became licensed to teach Spanish in Indiana. 
 e. b, c and d only.

3. Currently Ben is:
  a. sadly underemployed and substitute teaching. 
  b. looking for a lawyer job..anywhere in Indiana (know of anything?).
  c. beat the Indiana state chess champion (a 2400 rated Master) in a chess game.
  d. went on a few job interviews.
       e. all of the above.

4. This year Amelia:
   a. continues to homeschool a couple of kids.  
   b. actually beat someone (but no one she is related to) in a chess game.
   c. writes a small blog. 
   d. is STILL a La Leche League leader (going on 9 years now). 
   e. all of the above.

5. Amelia also:
   a. does work for CFP Holy Angels Gift Shop.
           b. occasionally checks her own website looking for home remedies.
   c. has been known to scream and cry in frustration at times.
           d. joined some sort of network marketing thing.
   e. a, b and c only because Amelia has sworn off all network marketing things FOREVER. 

6. This year 12 year old Heidi:
   a. ran a half-marathon.
   b. is taller than her mother.
   c. enjoys playing the piano.
   d. even more, enjoys going to youth group and EDGE and co-op and all sorts of social things.
   e. b, c and d  only.

7.  Heidi also:
    a. plays chess and competes in tournaments.
    b. has won a few chess trophies.
    c. loves to play dodge ball.
    d. has been suffering from mysterious back pain and headaches that has the doctor baffled (but is slowly improving).
    e. all of the above.

8. This year 10-year old Greta: 
   a. talks non-stop (same as last year).
   b. read the entire encyclopedia.
   c. asks 50,000 questions a day.
   d. broke her toe and practically tore it off at Grandma's house (don't worry, we would never sue Grandma).
   e. a, c, d only.

9. Greta also: 
   a. broke 1000 in her chess rating.
   b. loves to study chess and play in chess tournaments. 
   c. loves making up stories, writing. stories and making up plays on the computer.
   d. hates dodge ball but loves all other co-op activities.
   e. all of the above. 

10. This year 6-year old John: 
   a. just broke 1000 in his chess rating.
   b. is learning how to read.
   c. can do advanced calculus.
   d. learned to play violin.
   e. a and b only.

11.  John also:
   a. is best frenemies with Greta.
   b. is unofficially the 12th highest rated 6-year old chess player in the entire country.
   c. has a lot of energy and tends to gallop around the super tiny, terribly cramped house.
   d. has terrible handwriting (along with his mother, sister, grandmother, uncle and everyone else in the family.) 
   e. all of the above. 

12.  This year 2-year old Elsa:
   a. is a future Renoir. No need for paper, the world is her canvas.
   b. potty-trained.
   c. weaned.
   d. started sleeping through the night.
   e. a and b only. 

13. Elsa also:
   a. just like the Disney character that STOLE her name...she's the Queen.
   b. won the bossiest little sister of 2014 award.
   c. is starting to talk and her favorite phrase is "Mommy look (at me)".
   d. enjoys throwing things into the toilet.
   e. all of the above. 

14.  This year Amelia and Ben:
   a. will celebrate 14 years of marriage on December 30th.
   b. took a romantic cruise getaway.
   c. are looking for someone to fund their romantic cruise getaway for their 15th wedding anniversary in 2015 because they have never been anywhere.
   d. got (sorta) matching glasses.
   e. a, c and d only. 


Answers: 1.e 2.e 3.e 4.e 5.e 6.e 7.e 8.e 8.e 10. e 11. e 12.d 13.e 14.e

Yes the answers are all e.  Makes the quiz easy. 

Score: 100% - Great really know your Bentrups.  You must read One Catholic Mama. 

Any wrong. You fail. You need to read One Catholic Mama. 

May you all have a Blessed and Holy Christmas Season.  We hope 2015 is a year of good things and many blessings for all of you!

Amelia, Ben, Heidi, Greta, John and Elsa
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  1. This is great! I hope you and your family have a happy and healthy Christmas! :)

  2. What a fun idea! We were married on December 30th too. But we are just going on 8 years. Merry Christmas!

  3. Such a clever idea! Merry Christmas!

  4. How fun! Merry Christmas and Happy Anniversary!


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