Monday, December 29, 2014

Top Ten Most Popular Posts of 2014

Everyone who is anyone is posting their top posts of 2014.  I'm not usually a band-wagon jumper unless I love the bandwagon.  And this one I do.  So I'm going with it. 

Here are my top ten most popular posts of 2014.  Keep in mind I'm using popular in the loosest sense of the word...since I have never been popular and likely never will be.


I'm not quite sure why this post made the list, but apparently you all liked it. Or maybe it was just picked up by the spam bots. Either way, it eeked in at number 10. 


This is the second of the homeschooling posts that made the list.  Apparently you all like to read about homeschooling.  It's okay...I do too.


How-to and general advice posts seem to be fairly popular.  This one was very common-sense but I hope it still helped someone.


How To Respect Your Children While Using Social Media

I thought this was a very important post to write..and it's something I'm always thinking about as I blog and use Facebook. I don't even have Instagram...but the amazing popularity of it makes me wonder about how today's kids are going to feel about their entire childhood being splashed on Instagram?


This was definitely the most controversial post.  But then anything that mentions vaccines always is.


Body image seems to be another popular topic.  I think I need to write more about that. I think it's a topic that resonates with a lot of women and I'm sure my blog readers are mostly women. Although, I'm not savvy enough to figure out those stats.


How Posting What I Wore Each Sunday Healed Me

The second of my two popular body image posts...this was probably my most personal post ever.  Which likely makes it one of the best.


My other super popular homeschooling post.  Looks like a bunch of you were glad to learn all the things you don't need.


Any sort of I changed my mind post is always fun!


Modesty - Let Me Tell You How to Dress

Last but not most popular post about the ever popular topic of modesty!

So looking at this list, it looks like I need to write about body image and homeschooling a bit more.  With some more I changed my mind stuff thrown in.  Now I just need to find something to change my mind one. 

Merry Christmas Everyone!  And Happy New Year!!

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  1. Yes! Year end reviews, top ten, and favorite post lists make very happy! I love your body image posts. They are my favorite!


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