Friday, January 2, 2015

Six Popular New Year's Resolutions I'm NOT Making and One I Am.

Since it's the New Year, I did a very thorough and scientific study (ie. I read a few articles on the Internet) about the most common New Year's resolutions. Normally I don't make New Year's resolutions.  It's just not my thing and it always seemed to me that the New Year should start in September (when school starts) rather than January. If I ever become President, I'm changing the New Year to September...just wait and see. 

Anyway, since EVERYONE ELSE is making resolutions, I'd figure I'd look at a few and see if I should make those or not. 

Mostly I'm not...but one I am.

1. I'm NOT resolving to lose weight.

You can read here about why I'm NOT trying to lose weight even though I'm overweight. 

2. I'm NOT resolving to travel to new places.

I'm not a huge fan of travel as it is.  And, I've done a lot of moving in my life so I've seen a lot of places (in the United States) and I don't have a real strong desire to see more. In fact, I'd love to resolve to never move again..but that's a resolution that's just begging to be broken.  So, I'm not doing it.

3. I'm NOT resolving to get a better job.

I already have the best job...with cute bosses. 

4. I'm NOT resolving to drink less.

Actually I'm resolving to drink more. Just kidding.  I don't drink really...but I keep thinking I should. I mean, I don't smoke, I don't drink, I don't really watch TV and I eat healthy.  A girl's gotta have SOME vice.  Oh wait..I do love me some chocolate.  Although I keep telling my husband that I need to find a non-fattening, non-health-destroying vice to take up. Anyone know of any?  Is Facebook considered a vice?  If so, I guess I already have one.

5. I'm NOT resolving to enjoy life to the fullest.

Because I think that sounds like a pretty self-centered resolution.  The biggest goal in life is not enjoyment. 

6. I'm NOT resolving to get organized.

Although I probably should.  Although truth be told, I'm fairly organized right now.  I'm NOT neat..but I'm organized.  I KNOW where everything is.  And, I KNOW all the things I need to do and places I need to be.  I almost never forget things.  So while my house is a mess, I'm still fairly organized.

I did the Saint Name Generator and got St. Zita...the patron saint of losing keys and lost keys.  Seriously..her patron saint list mentions lost keys TWICE. I think it got the year wrong however.  2004 was the year of losing keys for me.  That was the year that Greta was born and I was just a bit scatterbrained. Twice I left my keys on top of the car or in the passenger side door while my husband drove off. 

Then I learned a quick trick to make sure it NEVER happens again. It's easy. Don't lock your car doors.  Works every time.  If you don't have to take the keys out to unlock, there is ZERO chance of leaving them in the door or on top of the car while your husband drives off. Of course, someone might steal your car...but at least you'll still have your keys. And really, no one would steal our cars. They aren't probably evidenced by the fact that we still need to unlock them by hand instead of with a remote unlocker thingy.  

And the one New Year's Resolution I AM making.

7. I'm resolving to help other people more.

I was rather pleasantly surprised to find this on the list of common New Year's resolutions. Helping others is always a wonderful thing and I know that I could definitely do MORE of it. So I AM going to try to help others family, my friends, even strangers.  I WANT to be that person who spreads happiness and joy...who can easily talk to strangers and is always thinking of other people.  Unfortunately I'm not like that...but I have hope that I COULD be more like that. Maybe.  

What about you have any New Year's Resolutions?  And, if I become President, are you with me on moving the New Year to September?

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  1. Love the drinking bit...could say the same thing almost word for word... does lying in bed reading, hating exercise or playing on a smartphone count as vices? if they do then I could easily add them to the facebook one.

  2. Haha!'I really enjoyed reading this. I also resolve to drink more. And I like your helping people resolution. As someone who recently benefited from meals, I think this is a fantastic one to make. Happy New Year!

  3. Do people really resolve to live life to the fullest? That's weird...
    St. Zita is one of my faves!
    And you picked the best resolution :)
    Happy New Year!

  4. I'm always amazed that we don't manage to lose our keys... Thankfully if they're ever lost, a toddler finds them and we all get confused by the horn on the car beeping forever (when they press the panic button and we're all like, "Man, that's ANNOYING that that person doesn't know how to turn their car alarm off" before we realize it's OUR car...) and find them quickly ;)


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