Friday, January 30, 2015

Hulk Hogan Gloves and Other Takes

1.  If you didn't see this on Facebook, we finally have a definitive diagnosis on Heidi.  She has a bone infection and the treatment is long-term (several months) of antibiotics, but the prognosis is good for complete recovery without any long-term problems. I'm so relieved that we have an answer and that it's not something more serious.

2. Heidi's Infectious Disease doctor is the best doctor I have ever dealt with. Ever!  We've moved a lot, so the kids have changed pediatricians a lot and she is by  She takes a ton of time to answer ALL MY QUESTIONS.  The visits aren't rushed at all and we never have to wait a long time.  But the best thing is that she is super supportive of all the alternative supplements and things I am doing and made a point of telling me to continue with them...especially the probiotics.   Seriously,...a gem among doctors!   If you live in Ft. Wayne, Indiana and need a Pediatric Infectious Disease Specialist, I can recommend someone (but I hope you never do...need a doctor that is)!

3 My friend and fellow blogger,Erica,will be hosting a link-up on Monday.  Blogs You May Not Be Reading But Should Be. 

I'm planning to participate, and if you are a blogger. I hope you do as well (and mention my blog...ha..just kidding).  I love finding new blogs to it should be fun.

4.  Elsa hasn't really taken a nap all week.  It appears that at less than 2.5 she is dropping her naps.  Which is totally fine with me, because she only napped for like 45 minutes anyway.  When she doesn't take a nap at all, she falls asleep  1.5-2 hours early and still wakes up at the same time.  So no napping equals a net sleep gain.  Sounds like a win to me!  She's always slept well at night, but terrible during the day...doesn't want to miss anything I guess.

5.  So on Kendra's suggestion we got these Smashing Gloves for John for Christmas. 

They are not something I would have EVER picked out on my own.
NEVER!  But, they are a HUGE HIT. I love much fun to use and a great way to work out frustration  Oh..the kids like them too.

6.It's my most wonderful time of the year.  Tax refund time!  Except if we go the self-employment route (which we are leaning more and more towards) this might be our last fun tax refund year.  Self-employment taxes can be high.  Boo.   So, I'll try to enjoy this year!

7.  I did something to my computer and erased all my saved passwords and now I don't know them.  So, I'm spending a large amount of time resetting them.  Which is even more of a pain than it sounds like.  

That's it...these takes are getting boring. So go visit Kelly for more
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