Friday, January 16, 2015

7QTF...Business, Toddler Babble and Bone Infections

1. I never thought I'd say this, but Ben is considering opening up a solo law practice. Yep..we're thinking about starting a business. Well..actually he'd start the business, I would just be the not-so-young unpaid assistant.  We're still in the research and planning and discerning stage but all this research and planning and discerning is taking up quite a bit of energy. But it's probably what we're leaning towards...unless the right job pops up in the meantime. 

So yep..we're actually thinking about hanging out a shingle.

2. Because he'd be working out of home (saves on overhead) we'd have to move. So, I've also been spending a ton of time looking at houses on Zillow. Haven't done any looking at houses in person yet..we're still deciding where. We'd be moving outside the city, to a more rural area. Not sure which one yet, but small-town lawyer sounds way more do-able than big-city lawyer.  

3. There's a lot of learning to do...neither of us know anything about business really. The thought of self-employment is pretty exciting...and scary..and exciting..and scary. But really, we couldn't be any worse off financially than we are now. With working from home, start-ups costs can definitely be kept on the lower end of things.  And it turns out that legal malpractice insurance isn't as expensive as we were imagining it would be.  It's kinda funny, but we both used to be SO RESISTANT to the idea. SO RESISTANT. And, then the New Year rolled around, and we were both sorta like..hmmm..this will be hard, but maybe we can do it. Maybe we should do it.

4. In unrelated news, we FINALLY may be figuring out what's wrong with Heidi.  She got a referral to an infectious disease doctor and the most likely diagnosis seems to be bone infection. So, she's having another MRI and if that shows no change, that is how they will treat her. Which means a few months of heavy-duty antibiotics.  Ugh. But that's better than a lot of other diagnoses.

5. In the meantime, I've been giving her lots of supplements and herbs and things...which I think has been both a blessing and a curse. A blessing in that they've decreased the inflammation, lessening her pain.  But a curse in that they've maybe delayed proper diagnosis, because she'd seem to get better so the doctor would go back to thinking the cause was trauma/injury and take the wait and see approach.

6. Isn't it great when something finally works!  Last week I posted that my camera I ordered a new battery and it works again!  I'm SO relieved.  All it needed was a new battery and not a whole new camera.  So, now I can post What I Wore Sunday again.  I bet you're all super excited about that!

7. Elsa's been talking up a storm lately. So, I guess I don't have to worry about her speech.  She seems to be doing just fine.  The last 2 months or so, she's really had a language explosion.  I mean you can almost have a conversation with her.  If "conversation" could be the word for what happens with a 2-year old. 

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