Sunday, January 18, 2015

What I Wore Sunday - Figuring Out My Style

What I Wore Sunday is back and under new management! That is definitely my favorite link-up.  I love seeing everyone else's outfits and finding inspiration.

Here's what I wore. 

Jacket:  ThredUp (use my link and you get a free $10 if this is your first time shopping..and so do I)

Shirt: Don't even's so old, but I think it's thrifted.

Skirt: Also thrifted

Leggings: My daughter's drawer.  No seriously..Target.  But, I really did borrow them from my oldest daughter.

Boots: Payless. 

I know, I know...brown boots with black leggings.  Probably not the best look.  But they are the only tall boots I own.

Anyway...let's talk about style. Looking at that outfit, it could probably use one more piece.  Either a necklace or a scarf.  But, I always feel awkward wearing a scarf or a necklace. I definitely tend to be more on the boring side when it comes to clothes. I love black. 

I've been working on finding my own style lately. I hate patterns, so I have almost no clothes that are patterned. I like denim and boots and red...especially red with denim.  I guess that makes me sorta country.  Except I hate plaid. I mean, I hate plaid now.  I was actually wearing a plaid shirt for my high school senior picture. Ugh! It was the mid-90's...cut me some slack here. I'd show you the picture, but it's just something that should not be immortalized on the Internet.  

What about you? Do you have a style?  What types of clothing do you like?

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