Friday, February 13, 2015

7 Quick Takes Friday - Birthdays and Houses

1. We have a teenager in the house! It's Heidi's 13th birthday today! So far, it's not so bad.  Everyone says teenagers are awful. But, my teenager is way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way easier than my toddler. Way easier. And Heidi is an exceptionally good teen.  She's smart and friendly and kind and helpful and responsible and honest.  Plus she's turning into a very good writer, a not bad chess player and a wonderful person. Happy Birthday Heidi.  We love you!
This is how she wanted her picture taken. 

Everytime I see this picture, I think that's me.  Until I realize it's not me.  It's a bit disoncerting that my daughter is the same size as me.  Plus she's wearing my I get confused.  Sometimes I like to wear her jacket. It's fun. 

2. Life has been a bit hectic lately.   We're moving forward with plans to start a solo law practice.  And part of that involves house searching.  Which I thought would be fun but it's actually a major headache.

3. Mostly because we have all these requirements.  While still trying to keep the price under a certain amount.  It's sorta like trying to find a magic beanstalk. 

4.  Actually we had found the "perfect house".  We were getting ready to put an offer on it.  Then we read something in the paperwork about checking for meth houses and registered sex offenders. Sure enough, there was a registered offender in the house right behind that one..and another one two houses down.

5.Yes, I realize that not all people on the registry are dangerous.  But when some one's offense is "Offense against Children" it makes one think twice and thrice about buying a house near them. 

6. Of course, nothing is ever simple. After that didn't work out, we decided to change strategies and look in a different locale. So we're back to trying to find the magic beanstalk.  Every time we think we find something that might doesn't work.

7. To make the week even more crazy...Ben got a flat tire and apparently the lug nut and stud broke.  Whatever that means I don't know. But apparently the labor is expensive and we got some miracle mechanic who was able to fix it without taking the hub off.  Because apparently the 16 year old car that I got brand new when I graduated from college is completely rusted.  If they had taken the hub off, the entire thing would have fallen apart.  Or something like that. Or so the mechanic says. He seemed like an honest guy anyway.  He even showed me videos of his granddaughter on his smart phone while I was waiting.  Anyway...thankfully old Gabe is still trucking along a little longer.  We'll see how long he lasts.

Gabe in his younger years.

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