Friday, February 20, 2015

7 Quick Takes Friday

1.  Heidi is doing much better.  Three weeks of antibiotics and her back pain is much improved.  Her blood work is all back down to normal as well.   So that is very encouraging.  She still has a few more weeks of antibiotics, but we are so happy that things are so much better.

2.  Greta is going to write a sentence; The hungry hippo married Hilda 11111 times a day so do not backspace.

3.  From now on  unicorns should always be colored blue and bears should be red and zebras yellow.

4. Greta is done hacking the blog now.  So instead I'll share with you, this article. 

5. Dear Winter.  I'm breaking up with you.  I want to move back to Florida now.   You're much worse than I remember you being.   Honestly, I never really understood the idea of cabin fever before. I always liked winter. That's because it's not just winter that is giving us cabin's also the super small house, the fact that we aren't settled and the fact that we don't much money so options for outside classes, activities and field trips are severely limited.  If we had a lot of outside activities going on, I totally wouldn't mind the cold and snow so much.   So small house + no money/limited activities + cold weather is the perfect storm of wintertime blues.   And it's even more frustrating when the few activities we do are cancelled due to weather.

6. We 're working hard to change all those things though.  We're still searching for a house and trying to pin down a location to start a solo law practice.

I really like this one.  Too bad it's in Bernardsville, NJ and costs 12 million.    And New Jersey?  Who would have thought a house that beautiful would be found in New Jersey???  (I was born in New I'm totally allowed to make fun of the state). 

  It's a really tough decision.  Espeically since our price range for a house is considerably less than 12 million.  Really tough..and there are LOTS of things to consider.  We've never had such a difficult time making a decision before.  All our other major decisions have actually been fairly easy decisions to make.  Not this one.  But we're really hoping that a year from now....things will be MUCH improved. Or two years from now.  Or they have to get better at some point..right?  Right?

7. So, I need some hair help.  What's your favorite brand of shampoo and conditioner.  Preferably something more natural and less expensive.  And please don't say something like no-shampoo, just baking soda and vinegar.  I've tried that and my hair just ended up greasy and icky.   But I'm not really liking what I'm using now.  My hair is just sorta dried out and frizzy.  Help!

{See Kelly for more Quick Takes}
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