Monday, February 2, 2015

Blogs You May Not Be Reading But Should Be

Erica is hosting a link-up about Blogs You May Not Be Reading But Should Be.  It's a way that we can all share our favorite smaller blogs.   Here a few of the blogs I think are hidden gems of the Internet.  (of course Erica's blog is another hidden you should check out hers as well, if you don't already read it). 


A Fly On Our Chicken Coop Wall.  - I love this blog.  I mean, with a title like that, how can you not? This blog has the perfect combination of humor, inspiration and good advice.  Christine has 6 children...ranging in age from little to she's got a lot of experience and a lot of good stories to share...and they are all so well-written.  I really appreciate a well-written blog..and this is definitely one!  Check out ALL her funniest of the funny posts.    You will be glad you did. 

Splendor in the Home - Also written by a Christine...a different one.  I actually met this Christine at my little brother's wedding, so that was fun.   This is another well-written informative blog. I really like the way Christine is not afraid to write what she feels and state her opinions in a strong, but kind manner.  Check out her Thoughts on the Permanence of Marriage.

Shiny, Happy Catholics - This is written by my friend, Martha.  My biggest beef with this blog is that Martha doesn't post on it nearly enough. But what she does post is very, very good.  Martha has a law degree. which means she's smart.  And it shows in her writing....her posts are always well thought out and inspirational.   Since we moved away from Naples, I don't get to see her in person anymore, but I love keeping up through her blog.  She just really needs to post on it more. Check out her post Edel Revealed my Weakness.

Blessings in Brelinskyville - I love this blog because it's so straight-talking and informative.  Tara is not afraid to talk about some heavy topics...and lately she's been talking about NFP.  I love a good NFP conversation so I've really been digging her blog.  Her posts are always very informative and inspirational...two things I really value in a blog post.   Check out her Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Employing Some Farsightedness. 

A Catholic Reversal  - Christina (not to be confused with the two previous Christines) writes this blog.   She has an amazing story of her husband's reversal (yes..THAT kind of reversal).  It's an amazing story, so you should go to her blog and read it.  Plus she homeschools and I love reading blogs by other fellow homeschoolers.

Through the Catholic Lens.  Written by my friend Lori and her husband...this blog is a collaborative effort, which I love.  I love blogs with "meat" and this is definitely one of them.    They address all sorts of different topics from the Catholic viewpoint.    Check out their post on the The New Evangelization from Home. 

What are some of your favorite, lessor-known blogs?  Do share...I'm always looking for good blogs to read!!
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