Sunday, February 22, 2015

What I Wore Sunday and Fashion Trends I Don't Understand

Time for another edition of What I Wore Sunday.  

The jacket and the tunic shirt are from ThredUp (if this is your first time shopping and you use my link, you get a free $10 and so do I.  It's win-win).  In fact, I think I got both those articles of clothes for free thanks to kind readers who ordered through my link.)

The leggings are Target and the boots are Payless. 

The picture looks a bit dorky...but oh well. 

Now...are in you interested in hearing about some fashion trends I just don't understand?  Probably not...but I'm going to forge ahead anyway.   Because I feel dorky posting JUST what I wore...without giving you some meat in your blog reading, So feast your eyes on these fashion trends.

1. The short-sleeved sweater dress. 

I mean, it's cute and I like it.  I really do like this style.  But it's a sweater and it's short-sleeved.  Which sorta makes it an oxymoron. If it's cold enough for a sweater, it's cold enough to need long-sleeves.  And if it's warm enough for short-sleeves, it's too warm for a sweater. Don't get it...even though I think it's super cute.

2. Bandals.

Just why?  I mean..there's a reason people wear boots and there's a reason people wear sandals.  And they're opposing reasons. This is a match made in hell. 

3.  His and Hers Matching Pink Argyle Footed Pajamas

At least they are better than these.

I mean...the model looks like she is trying to do sexy.  And you just can't do sexy in blue, fishy footed pajamas. 

4. Finally if you are in the market for a swimsuit this summer...check out this beauty (found here).  

For some women, it takes a lot of guts to wear a why not show them off?  And what better way to promote modesty, than to remind people that underneath all that beautiful skin, it's just a bunch of muscles and intestines (which technically are muscles as well). 

Come to think of it...I'm in the market for a new swimsuit this summer. Dare me to get this one?

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