Friday, March 6, 2015

7 Quick Takes Friday -Updates

1. Heidi's back pain is completely gone and she had her (hopefully) last doctor appointment today.  She still has three more weeks of antibiotics, but everything looks good, her lab results are normal and the pain is gone.  So that's good news. 

2. We're still looking for a house and a job and a place to start a solo practice.  We keep changing locations and areas.  However, we *may* have finally settled on an area (or course we'll probably change our mind AGAIN) and yesterday we looked at a house I really like.  It's a foreclosure, so needs some work and we'd have to see how much and what it would cost and all that. But it's a definite possibility.  

3. To make things more complicated, Ben had in interview on Wednesday, so if he were to get that job, we'd move to a totally different area.  We are betwixt and between. 

4. We finally joined the modern age and got smartphones.  We used to have a landline and then cheap tracphone cellphones. Then we discovered Republic Wireless...and their plans are super cheap. You can get unlimited talk/text/data on 3G for 25/month, unlimited talk/text on 3G and data on wifi for 10/month and unlimited talk/text/data on wifi for 5/month.  So for 5/month you can essentially get the equivalent of a landline in a smartphone if you have wifi.  We were paying like 20/month for our landline before. This sounds like a commercial, but sadly I am getting no compenstaion for this post.  I am telling you though that I am now on instagram.  So you can follow me there and see all sorts of lovely pictures like this one.  Because I know you missed seeing What I Wore Sunday when I didn't blog it.

Or this one..which I randomly found on my phone.

5. I'm going to a Catholic Women's Blogging Conference in South Bend tomorrow and I'm ridiculously excited!  Not only do I get to meet some wonderful ladies that live inside my computer, but I get a WHOLE DAY without ANY kids.
6. I love Downton Abbey but I can never stay awake to watch an entire episode.  In fact, it pretty much takes me 3 nights to watch one episode because I'm good for about 20 minutes before I start snoring.  Still haven't finished the season finale yet.  

7.  Although I have read everyone else's blog recaps.  Because that's the kind of the person I am.  The type of person who sneaks a peak at the end of the murder mystery to find out who done it before it's done. And I also read episode recaps before I watch. Because I have zero patience. 

(See Kelly for more Quick Takes)

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