Friday, March 20, 2015

My Version of the 7 Worst Real Estate Photos

We're house searching.  Without much luck I might add.  Which means, that we've looked at TONS of real estate photos. TONS. 

Have you seen the Terrible Real Estate Photos Blog? It's hilarious.

Well in our house searching, we've come across some pretty terrible photos. 

For your entertainment, here are some of the worst real estate photos I've seen.

And if you see your house in the pictures....well...sorry.  And take new pictures. 


I really, really hope that's not blood on the walls.  Really...clean up the crime scene before you take real estate photos please.


And fix the bullet holes.


Hey...if your name is Shawn...the writing's on the wall!


Princess Feline Furry Toes ain't moving.  She comes with the house. 


Door's open.  Come on in!


This reminds me of an optical illusion fun-house.  And the overhanging counter...weird.


I desperately want to know what that symbol on the garage means.  Or do I??

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