Tuesday, March 10, 2015

New Blog Design after a Wonderful Day! #CWBNIndiana

 Generally, I'm not one of those bloggers who talks about blogging!

But, if you'll indulge me today...I just have to!

You see, on Saturday, I had the privilege of spending the whole day at a Catholic Women's Blogging Conference at Notre Dame. 

It was wonderful!!  I've attended conferences before.  I've been to homeschooling conferences and La Leche League conferences. 

But this one was different.  Everyone was just so friendly and open....to everyone!  

The focus of the Conference wasn't so much on blogging as on friendship.  Yes...we talked about blogging.    But, really it was about friendship.  Meeting blogging friends and making new friends. 

When I walked in, the only person I had met before was Cammie

When I walked out...I had made all sorts of new friends.  Some whose blogs I have been reading for awhile...like Michelle and Sarah and Bonnie and Nell and Ana and Annie.

And some I haven't read before, but I definitely added them to my feed reader...like Rhonda and Anna  and Cat and too many more to mention. 

The talks were wonderful!  I got some wonderful ideas on blog design and using social media (two things which I am generally TERRIBLE at). 

But mostly it was about friendship and community and support.   And was exactly what I needed. 

And sadly, this is the only picture I took.  

Nell told us to take selfies with our neighbor.  But my phone doesn't do selfies.....I don't think.  It doesn't have a camera in front anyway.  So, I just took this picture of her, in her cute leggings that she sewed herself.  They made me re-think my previous disdain for patterned leggings.  Although I'm way too curvaceous (the nice way of putting it) to pull off any sort of leggings and shirt look.  

I did learn that this photo has something called "trapped white space."  That's bad.   Not sure how to fix it though.  Probably something fancy like edit my photo in a photo editor.  Generally I don't do fancy photo editing.  Guess I should figure that out.  

I also learned that nobody uses Comic Sans font (I kinda like it) and that my preferred font looks dated.   So when I got home, I designed a new header, made some changes and am switching fonts.   Clearly I have no blog design talent.  I'm counting on my stellar writing skills (ahem) to keep all my readers engaged.  

So what do you think?  I tried to go with a header that fit our family and my blog.  And since  we  they are a bunch of nerdy chess players....I went with the chess family theme.   And if we have another baby...I can just easily add another little pink knight or blue rook up there.   I'm all for simplicity.  And that's actually easier than my previous header....which was a family picture.  Trying to get a decent family picture with my family is like trying to find a pink unicorn amongst a herd of mustangs.

All in all, it was a wonderful, productive, rejuvinating, fun-filled day! 

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