Sunday, March 29, 2015

Out damn'd spot! Out I say!

No..not bloodstains.  Chocolate stains.

We seem to have a problem with chocolate stains.   It's the one stain I can never get out.

Many a children's clothes have been tossed due to ever persistent chocolate stains that refuse to leave.

This past week, I've been on a quest to remove the chocolate stains from a certain toddler's clothing.  Why?  I don't know. I've just had the urge to de-stain her clothing for some reason. 

I've soaked them in oxy-clean.  I've used dish detergent and milk and carpet cleaner... but still those spots persisted.  Those stubborn, set-in, gone through the dryer several times, spots remained.   

Finally I found something that worked.

Is it bad for our doubt.  Will it poison our skin.  Probably.  But hey..the damn'd spots are out.   And of course, don't use this yourself unless you test it on small, inconspicuous portion of clothing first.  I'm not responsible if you ruin your clothes.  But since our clothes were headed for the trash bin anyway, I wasn't worried about it. 

And since this post is about laundry, which is about clothes, it's the perfect segue to lead into what I wore Sunday. 

Which is this.

Apparently you are supposed to wear Red on Palm Sunday.  I never knew that, but all the other bloggers are doing it, so it must be true.

Pink is close enough, right?

So, not my best outfit.  I have a love-hate relationship with that skirt.  I love how comfortable it is, but I hate the way it looks on me....but I love how comfortable it is, but I hate the way it looks. And sadly, I can't really see how it looks until I take a picture, because I do not own a full-length mirror.   So, I think I may be donating that skirt.  I'm just not a fan of the way flared skirts look on me. 

Anyway...I won't tell you where I got everything, because I doubt you'd want to re-create this outfit, and even if you wanted to, you couldn't.  Because I don't even know where I got everything. So there. 

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