Friday, March 27, 2015

Parenting Win; Parenting Fail

Parenting. You win some.  You lose some.  

I don't know why I included this photo.
Other than the fact that it showed up on my phone and I think it's sorta creepy
Consider it random.. 

Here are some of my wins and losses.

We are always losing pens and NEVER able to find them. NEVER.  Just a few months ago, I bought a bulk order of 60 pens on Amazon.  And within 1 month.  NONE of those 60 pens were anywhere to be found.

So...I started offering the kids 10 cents for each pen they found, picked up and put away in the drawer. 

Now, we have all sorts of pens, ready for use at any time.

Parenting Win


We've been having issues with the kids (ahem...2 kids in particular) fighting a lot.  So, I told them that every time they insulted anyone else, they had to give that person a quarter.

So, then they started fighting about exactly what an insult is and the whole thing lead to major hypersensitivity and a super creative use of the word insult.

You said my drawing isn't good enough to sell for $20. That's an insult, you owe me a quarter.

She said I have chocolate on my face.  That's an insult. 

You said I might lose my book, that's an insult., it's not an insult.  No you don't get a quarter.  

Parenting Fail.


Now all insultive debts come to me.  So if anyone insults anyone else, I get the quarter.  

Insult is no longer a creative term in our house and everyone is no longer so hypersensitive.

And there are a lot less insults flying around.

Parenting Win.


Getting kids to clean up after themselves.  A constant battle in this house.

I blame it on myself.  When I was in high school, my mom had this book.  The Messies Manual.  I spent A LOT of time reading it.  According to the book, there are two types of people...cleanies and messies.  I am most definitely a messie.  

Unfortunately all that time spent reading that book didn't turn me into a cleanie.

Unfortunately, none of my kids are what one would call cleanies either. 

So, I tried offering them all sorts of bribes if they can keep the house picked up all the time for an entire week.

None of it works, because as Greta says "If we miss even one day, what's the point. We don't get the prize."

Parenting Fail.


The kids do have to pick everything up and clean up every evening before they watch a show on Amazon Prime.  We've been doing this for years and it does work.  So at least the house gets picked up at night, every night, no matter what. 

Parenting Win.


Probably no one remembers my post about early potty training before age 2.   I posted that on February 17, 2014.   Elsa was about 17 months old.   Well, it took her until about Halloween to be out of diapers, and until the following February (an entire year!) to go on her own and stop having accidents if I forgot to take her potty. So much for early potty-training.  She wasn't fully trained until almost 2.5  I should have just waited until she was older.

You talking about me??

Parenting Fail.  And Win (she is trained NOW, but I totally should have just waited). 


The kids are always losing milk bottle tops.  Putting the milk back in the refrigerator without the top (see...I told you we were a bunch of messies.).  So, I started fining them $1.00 every time the milk is put back without the top. 

Our milk is topless no more.

Parenting Win. 

What sort of wins and fails have you had in the parenting department lately?

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