Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Things I've Spent my Tax Refund on

The UPS man has been a regular at our house lately.  

Most of the ever growing pile of boxes in our living room is for Ben's soon to be opening new law practice, but I must admit, I've used our tax refund and bought a few things myself. 

Here are some of my favorites. 

1. Sleeping Mask

There is lots of research showing the benefits of sleeping in a totally dark room.   I definitely noticed it makes a difference in my own sleep and mood.  For the longest time, I tried to make the room dark by blocking out light....which is very hard when you live someplace with street lights outside your bedroom.  Then, I got smart and realized that it would be much easier to just wear a sleeping mask.  Duh.

So, now I do.  And, it works.  Except this one is a bit too big for me, so it tends to slide off my head at night.  But, I have a smaller head compared to a lot of other adults, so I think that's just me.  It just needs a bit longer Velcro trip to make it a bit tighter and then it would be perfect.

And, using it while sleeping definitely improves the quality of my sleep and I sleep a lot better.  

The main problem is that I keep losing it.  Or should I say, that my kids keep walking off with it.   But that's not a fault of the mask. 

This has a bunch of nice features that I like.  For one thing, it works.  I mean, it's not professional and it didn't make my carpet look brand new or anything.  But it did improve it significantly and did a decent job. And the water it was sucking up was totally black.  Nasty. So, I know it picked up a ton of dirt.  And my carpets do look a lot better.  

But the best part are the features.

1). The cleaning solution is a separate reservoir than the water....which is more economical.  Because I always waste things and would use more cleaning solution than needed.
2) It is super easy to clean because all the different parts come apart.  That makes a huge difference.  If you have to unscrew something to clean it...well....forget about it.
3) It has a separate rinse cycle.  Yes...I know you could just use it with plain water, but I love being able to keep cleaning solution in the cleaning reservoir and then rinse with plain hot water. 

I would say that this is a good steam cleaner and does a decent job for its price.

This is the first multi-vitamin where I've actually noticed a significant improvement in my energy level.  It really does help. Probably because it's whole foods and has a lot of B vitamins. Anyway, I really love it...even though I'm not Paleo.

4. Land's End Shape and Enhance High Waist Swim Mini

The high-waist style is super flattering. Great for smoothing out all bumps and lumps. I wish I had discovered high waist styles years ago. When will I ever learn?

5. Boar Bristle Hair Brush

This is supposedly spreads the oils out on your hair, to make it softer and shinier and reduce frizz.  It actually sorta does help.  I wouldn't say it's a miracle or anything, but it does help.

However the thing I love most about this brush is that it's no- pull and actually makes brushing tangled, knotty hair less painful.  That's big with a bunch of girls in the house. 

Do you have any favorite things?  Any plans for a tax refund?

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