Friday, May 1, 2015

7 Quick Takes Friday....What's Going On

 We close on our new house on Monday.  MONDAY!!  That's so soon.  It's very exciting.  We aren't moving in until the following Monday however.  That's because the current owners want 5 days to move out.

And because right (right!) before we move, we are going to Nashville for 3 days so that John and Greta can play in the National Elementary Chess Championships.  I think we're crazy, but it's CHESS...and John is super good at chess, know, you do what you do.  Hopefully he'll bring back a trophy.  Maybe Greta too...although her competition is going to be a lot tougher. Although there is still some tough competition in the 1st grade at National Chess tournaments.

Ben started moving into his office last week.  He still doesn't have any furniture for it.  We've been scouring thrift stores and Craigslist and will try our hand at auctions and estate sales to find used desks, chairs, etc.   Wish us luck, because it's incredibly hard to find good furniture at affordable prices.
Speaking of Craigslist, why doesn't anyone return my emails when I ask about an item??  It's super annoying.  Would it be so hard to send a quick email with "This item has been taken."  I mean, really??

So we've switched all our prayers now.  Instead of constantly praying for Ben to find a job, we're constantly praying for his law firm to succeed.   So, that's different.   Even with the scariness of starting his own business, it's somewhat comforting to be settled down and to be buying a house.  I don't mind short-distance moves, but I'm so done, done, done with long-distance moves. 

It's nice to finally feel settled, even though we are still poor.

Today is the feast of St. Joseph the Worker. So it's a good day to be thinking about this


I hate antibiotics.  I mean, I love them and I hate them.  So, as you might remember, Heidi was on antibiotics for 2 months due to a bone infection.  Well, that was cured, her back pain is gone and she's fine now.  So that's good.  However, those  2 months of heavy-duty antibiotics seemed to have triggered new allergies, so know we have the fun of figuring those out.  Dairy definitely seems to be a culprit.  Which is hard, hard, hard.  Last night I tried making mashed potatoes with coconut milk.  It was.....okay.  Not bad,....but not like buttery, fluffy mashed potatoes either. 

And this is why I try really, really, really hard to avoid antibiotics.  Sometimes they are needed (and she did need them), but they definitely have their risks and downfalls.   So, we try to avoid them unless absolutely necessary, and I mean absolutely necessary after trying all my herbs, and essential oils first  And usually the herbs and essential oils do the trick. 


Just in case you are interested in some homeschooling talk, I think I figured out what we are going to do next year.  I'm planning on keeping John (will be 2nd grade) and Greta (will be 5th grade) using (not enrolled) Mother of Divine Grace and enrolling Heidi (will be 8th grade) in Seton.  I've never done Seton before, but I really feel like I need transcripts and grading and someone else to do all the work, for the older grades.   And yes, I know Mother of Divine Grace offers all that, but for a variety of reasons...including cost and schedule flexibility, I think Seton will work better.

And that's all....go see Kelly for more quick takes!

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