Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Going once, going twice...SOLD!

We went to an auction the other day.  A real auction.  The kind where the auctioneer talks a thousand miles a minute and is all 10dollarsdoIhear10dollars10dollars1250doIhear1250,125015doIhear15151515soldto864for15dollars.

It was loads of fun.  I think I could turn into auction junkie.  Except that's just not in my nature to turn into a junkie of anything.  But it was surprisingly fun.

We were looking for furniture.  My husband is furnishing an office and we are furnishing a house that is 3 times bigger than the house we currently live in. 

So, we were looking for furniture.

We tried Craigslist.  Nobody got back to me.

Secondhand Furniture Stores. Still too expensive.

Thrift Stores. Nothing that we want.

Yard Sale. Too time consuming, people want too much and just overall too annoying driving around and to all different sales.

And then a friend tuned us into the auction. So we went.

It took us a little while to figure out what was going on.  But once we did. 


Do you see those finds!  A gorgeous dresser and vanity for $60!

An executive desk for $80!

After all the time we spent scouring thrift stores and Craigslist and yard sales....I can say with confidence that these items would be at least $300 in those venues..

So...if you need furniture...I highly suggest checking out estate auctions.   

Plus, they are just fun...in a country sorta of way.  Standing around in a hot barn, people watching, seeing what people do and don't bid on.  It's fun.    

While I was in the bathroom, my husband got this rocking chair for $5.

Perfect for wild kid rocking.

It was great fun until my own husband bid against me.

He bid $10 at the exact same time I bid $5 on this cute little dresser.   And then the auctioneer called me cheap.  Humph.  True..but still.   Anyway, we got it for $10 and it's perfect for holding all of John's clothes. 

So, go check out at out an auction.  Just don't let this happen to you.

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