Friday, June 19, 2015

Ask the Nun Returns.....

About 2 years ago, I did a series on my blog, Ask The Nun, where people asked a nun (technically she is a Sister, who happens to also be my sister) whatever they may want to know about being a nun (err..a Sister).

Let me introduce you to Sr. Veronica of the Child Jesus....a member of the Capuchin Sisters of Nazareth.

She's coming home on her home visit, and since this year we aren't moving, we need SOMETHING to keep her busy.  Last year, the poor sister spent all her time helping us move.   This year, we need to find something to keep her busy, so I'm sure she would love to blog. (I haven't actually asked her yet, it's not like I can just send her an email or text her) but I know she would LOVE to answer all your questions.

And if not, she'll do it anyway....because that is what Sisters do.  They answer questions.  Well, they do other stuff, but they also answer a lot of questions. 

So ask away.  Ask about anything you ever wanted to know about being a nun. Ask a theological question. Ask about life in the convent.  Ask about her favorite ice cream flavor (it's Party Cake).  Ask if she was saint-like as a child (spoiler alert, she was not).   

Ask her what the heck she is doing in this picture?

Ask her about their dogs. 

Ask, ask, ask away!

Questions from kids are welcome as well!!

You can ask in the comment box below, or email me at ameliabentrup at gmail dot com.   And we'll get her answers up sometime the week of June 28th or July 5th. 
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