Friday, June 5, 2015

Fortunately, Unfortunately (with Cuteness Overload)

Let's play a game...shall we?  I tell you all the fortunate and unfortunate things that have happened to me recently.  And then in the comments you can tell me all about the fortunate and unfortunate things that I have happened to YOU recently.  Because I really do want to hear about YOUR life. 

Let's start. 

Fortunately...After we moved a few weeks ago our old lawn mower worked and I was able to mow the side and front lawns without incident.

Unfortunately...Our back yard is completely fenced in so only accessible by carrying the lawnmower up 4 steps from the sidewalk that lead to the gate.  Or, you could carry it from the garage up two steps, across the deck and down two more steps.  That means, that mower has to go up/down steps to take it out of the garage and mow the back yard. 
Not a great picture...but you have to go up steps coming out of the garage and down more steps into the lawn.  Or if you go through the gate, it's about 4 steps up from the sidewalk. 
Bad design if you ask me..but no one asked me before they built it. Go figure??  So, when I tried to move it up the steps,I must have broke something, because it started blowing out blue smoke.

Fortunately...Being the crazy old-fashioned person that I am, I decided it would be fun to try an old-fashioned push reel mower. So, I put out a call on Facebook and a friend had one that she graciously sold to us for $15.  So, now I can mow the back yard without worrying about carrying a gas mower up/down the steps and over the deck and ruining another one.  Because I have a tendency to ruin things. And the push mower works reasonably well on the back yard.

Unfortunately..the push mower doesn't work well on the front or side yards.  Maybe they are too sloped or too bumpy, but it was way too hard.  So, the other day I was outside struggling to mow with the push mower, and alternating that with my blue smoke blowing gas mower.  It was a stuggle...and no one wants a blue-smoke blowing, polluting mower in the neighborhood.

Fortunately...our neighbor was outside mowing his lawn at the same time and he must have taken pity on poor struggling me, with my push mower and blue smoking mower, because he offered me a spare lawn mower he had in the basement.  So, I graciously accepted his generous offer and gave him a loaf of gluten-free, dairy-free banana bread I had just baked as a thank you.  So, now we have a blue-smoke blowing gas mower, a good working gas mower and a push mower.  And I'm definitely going to only use the push mower on the back yard because it's a lot lighter to lift up/down steps and it's basically unbreakable but the new gas mower will be great for the front and side yards.

(Now I'll talk about something un-related to the lawn)

Unfortunately..last week I developed two lumps on the side of my leg.  Thanks to google, I self-diagnosed them as superficial blood clots.   Thanks to 4 pregnancies, I have fairly bad varicose veins, and apparently people with bad varicose veins are prone to superficial blood clots.

Fortunately..I was able to get in to see my doctor (who I hadn't seen before, but we just changed insurance so I had to pick someone) and I was right.  And there are no deep clots (they sent me for an ultrasound).  Only deep clots are dangerous...superficial ones are apparently no big deal.

Unfortunately..I also have this other lump on the back of my leg and I spent several days convinced it was some awful cancer and I only had a few months left.  I am anxiety girl after all.

Fortunately...The doctor said it was just a cyst and not to worry about it. (and please, no one post stories about people who had "cysts" that really turned out to be cancer.  My nerves can't take I'm just going to trust the doctor and not worry about it.) Because I really do not need any more worry in my life. 

Unfortunately..I hate going to doctors, so while I was seeing the doctor, I decided to face my fears and bite the bullet and get a referral to make an appointment for a general skin check with a dermatologist to check some moles.  I'm sure they are fine, but better safe than sorry...and it might ease my anxiety.  At least until I find the next thing to be anxious about.  So, I'm doing that next week. 

Fortunately...we do have health insurance. 

(now onto a different topic)

Unfortunately...Elsa is driving me crazy because she's a toddler and toddlers drive me crazy.

Fortunately.. she's cute. And she sings...which is beyond cute. 

Here she is singing her favorite song..which she made up.

It's called "I changed my mind."  (Something she does a lot).

And here's another song she's singing about her Clifford umbrella.  It's called 
"Woof, woof, woof, red dog." 

All her songs are pretty much just one-liners.

Unfortunately..despite the fact that when we moved, she got her own bed in her own room, she has yet to sleep in it for an entire night. Someday.

And since I have 7 that are Fortunate and 7 that are Unfortunate, I'm going to call this my 7 Quick Takes and link up with Kelly. 

Now...your turn.  Anything fortunate or unfortunate happen to you lately?? 
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