Friday, June 26, 2015

Hey, you want to hear me ramble on about hospitals and medications?

1.  My oldest and I just got back from spending a night in jail...ooops,did I say that out loud? I meant the hospital.  She had to spend a night in the hospital.  It just felt like jail...except after being in the hospital you can get a huge bill.  Thankfully, her visit should be all paid for, but I really, really feel for people who have high deductibles and co-insurance.  Not that I've ever been in jail, but being in a hospital is sorta what I imagined jail to be can't leave until someone says you can and they just poke you and prod you and give you medicine  Although they probably don't do all the poking and prodding in jail.  Anyway, she is fine.  She got sick with a severe headache/fever/sore neck and we worried about meningitis so the poor thing had to have 3 unsuccessful spinal taps, but it turns out to be just a virus (with maybe a migraine on top) and she is much better now.

2. IF (NOT an announcement) we have another baby, I still probably won't do another homebirth.  But my latest experience in the hospital made me remember why I chose homebirth in the first place.  I hate hospitals.  I just hate the "out of control, we will do whatever we want to you, once you walk in here, we own you and you can't leave until we say you can" feeling. 

3.  I'm in the camp of "don't give kids anything for a fever, let the body fight infection naturally" so I had some issues with the hospital giving her about a million different medications.  When I mentioned to the nurse that they were giving her A LOT of medications and "are you sure those are all compatible". she was all "We give a lot of medications here."  Yes, I noticed.   It was frustrating  because I felt like I didn't take her to the hospital to be given a million medications.  I took her to be diagnosed and make sure she wasn't seriously sick and then to get medicine IF she had a diagnosis that needed medical treatment . Not that I'm against all medication, but I'm against being given a ton of them before they even know what is wrong. 

4. I also had a funny conversation with the nurse about narcotics.  Thankfully, they didn't try to give her any, but the nurse was all 'We aren't going to give her narcotics unless she is severe, severe pain because those tend to make people nauseous and vomit."  I was all  " sounds worse than pain to me.".

5. When I told my mom that I was staying at the hospital with the oldest and that Ben was staying home with everyone else, she was all  "Hey, maybe this separation will make Elsa wean"  It didn't.  I was only gone for a little over 24 hours, and she certainly did not forget how to nurse in those 24 hours.   

6.  I started a new job/independent contractor gig that I can do at home.  It's a lot of work and I'm going to have to figure out how to balance that with homeschooling and the house and the kids, etc, etc, etc.  I can't do it all, but I guess I can try.  Or, I'll try to figure out some sort of balance/schedule of some sorts.  I guess that would be the sane thing to do. 

7.Since buying a house just over a month ago, we've had to deal with a slightly flooding basement and a big aluminum siding falling off the front of the house.  Oh...the joys of home ownership.

So, enough of my rambling rants, and go see Kelly for more quick takes.  

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