Friday, June 12, 2015

Weight Loss, Toddler Nursing, Cleaning, Marketing, Dogs and other Stuff

1.    I feel like I shouldn't complain about this, but I will.  My 2.75 year old is still nursing, and I'm really ready to not nurse so much. Not that I necessarily want to wean her completely, but I'd love to cut her back to just scheduled times. She still wants to nurse a lot, whenever she is bored or hungry or thirsty or needs comfort.  I think the boredom and needing comfort are the biggest motivators. I feel like I shouldn't complain about it, because everyone would just be all wean the kid already..she's way too old. She's a walking, taking, potty-trained, no-napping, pigtail-wearing toddler.

Or they would be all..ha, that's what you get for being a attachment parenting, demand nursing, co-sleeping mother.  Now you have a kid who will still be nursing in Kindergarten.

The kindergarten part is most definitely NOT true. All my kids were still nursing at age 3, and none of them were nursing at age 4, never mind Kindergarten. 

In my circles, it seems as though most people nurse past one, but hardly anyone nurses past two.  And here we are, approaching three and still going strong. 

And you would think with four kids, I'd have this weaning thing down pat.  But I don't.  My other kids all nursed past their third birthday.  I don't mind nursing that long.  It's just that Elsa is so demanding (aren't all toddlers?) about the whole thing.  And she isn't put off easily. Actually...if she is hungry or thirst, she is easily distracted by offering food or drink.  

But comfort seems to be the biggest factor for her. 

And like all toddlers, telling her no upsets her, so then she needs comfort...which to her means nursing and she wants to nurse even more. It's kinda a cycle that I'm not sure how to break.  Since the moment she was born, she's been a super voracious nurser, so it shouldn't surprise me that she is still going strong. 

Of course, I feel like I should say that were are wonderful things about nursing toddlers.  She never has bad temper tantrums and is NEVER out of control.  It's always super easy to calm her down.  Plus, she's like freakily healthy.  Seriously.when all the other kids are laid up with a stomach bug, she throws up one time, and is back to running around and eating and totally normal. Even colds don't hit her as hard as the other kids.  So, I definitely DO NOT wish I had weaned her a year ago, when she was still one. I just like to complain...being melancholic and all. 

2. I've managed to lose 10 pounds over the last 2 months. (I know, I know...I said I wasn't going to try to lose weight.  That was the...this is now). Not super impressive, but hey slow and steady works, right? I've been doing it by basically doing what comes most natural to me.  That is eating massive amounts of low-calorie foods and limiting/watching portion sizes on everything else.  I love to eat.  I mean, I really love to eat.  Which means I love eating foods that takes a long time to eat.  Salads, fruits, vegetables.  I did some research and found out this sort of diet has  name,...the volumetrics diet.  The idea is that people are satisfied with a certain volume of to lose weight you choose foods that are less caloric dense but have increased volume. Of course you still eat some fat...but you really try to eat large quantities of foods which have low ratio of calories/grams. It really jives with the way my body works. A 100-calorie candy bar would go down in about 2 bites, while a 100-calorie apple would take much longer to the apple would be much more satisfying (not to mention way healthier). It's not so much that you cut out more caloric-dense foods..but that you crowd them out, with healthier foods. 

3. I've been doing really good on keeping my house fairly clean since me moved.  Which for me, is a BIG thing.  I'm NOT a neat person.  However, I've just been really on top of keeping things picked up, and that's helped tremendously. When things are picked up, it's so much easier to clean.  I've been really working at training myself to get into the habit of putting things away, and picking up as I move through the day. When things are picked up, I can actually clean, but I find cleaning super overwhelming if I have to pick up stuff to do it.  Same for my kids.  They are doing so much more cleaning now, because they aren't spending so much time picking up.

4. Life is hard. Starting a business is hard.  Finding clients is hard.  Please pray for Ben's fledgling law firm. Marketing is NOT our forte and we don't have the budget to really hire it out. Actually we both hate marketing. It's why I could never do any of those network marketing things. It's why this blog is still so small.  We're trying to get past that we both find marketing to be sorta distasteful. But, marketing is what we have to do, so somehow we'll find a way to learn and do what we have to do. 

5.  My dermatology appointment went fine. The doctor didn't see anything concerning.  So, that's a relief. 

6. I want a dog. I love dogs.  I find myself browsing for dogs.  Although we aren't in a position to get one yet. But, hopefully in a few months to a year.  I don't want a puppy..I want a house broken, obedience trained dog that doesn't shed. 

Poodles are supposed to be good like that, right?  This one looks so lonely. Of course, I think their coats are pretty high maintenance and I'm not into high maintenance stuff.  A dog is still pretty far off in the future anyway...

7. It's shaping up to be a very busy summer.  Which is good.  I love busy-ness. My kids are doing free swimming and golf lessons through the local parks and rec.  You can't beat free! And Heidi and Greta are in a play, so that will be fun for them. Looks like we'll be going light on the schoolwork this summer, but we'll still do some...because I'm mean that way. And, I prefer year-round schooling. 

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