Friday, July 17, 2015

Home Decoration for Dummies, 7 Rules with Bad Photos

This is one of the posts I promised you.  Way back when. 

Finally making good on it.

Home decoration,  I'm a dummy.    I have no clue what to do. 

So...what I did, was I found (or maybe I just made them up...not telling) a few simple rules to follow.  

Lo and behold, I ended up with a beautifully decorated home!

If you follow these TOO can end up with a home as nice as mine.

A home should showcase its owner's achievements.  

Best to do this in a totally random way, in a room with bad lighting.


A home should match the personalities of the people who live in it.

Our home says disorganized, chaotic and we don't care.


A home should display beautiful artwork.

Someday, this could be worth a lot of money,


A home should take advantage of  natural light, to showcase artwork to its best advantage.

Like so.
A home should display its owner's interests.

Nothing says the One Catholic Mama house like a beautiful wood/glass coffee tabled covered with a pink chess set.

And we can't ignore the cat, who just makes himself right at home, anywhere.


When you walk into a room, the owner's touch should be immediately present,

You can probably guess to whom this room belongs.

An antique piece lends a classic air to any room.

Like that beautiful praying girl picture my mom painted back in 1966,  1966 definitely makes it an antique...right? That's a whole 11 years older than me.  Ancient history. 

So..what do you think?

Like it?  If not..totally okay.  You won't hurt our feelings.  Our feelings are unhurtable when it comes to these things.  We know we can't decorate, and we don't care.   

But since I did manage to find  make up 7 rules, I'm going to link up with Kelly for my 7 Quick Takes and call it a night. 

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