Sunday, August 9, 2015

House of Mirrors, Body Image and Weight Loss (and WIWS).

We moved into our home just under two months ago.

When we first moved, I was a bit shocked at how many mirrors are in this house.  You see....prior to this, we didn't own any full-length mirrors.  We just had over the sink bathroom mirrors and one dresser mirror, that was at most a half-length mirror. 

Nothing full-length at all. 

Then we moved here, and the prior owners must have really liked mirrors, because there are a ton.

Which was a bit of a shock.  There is nothing like being forced to stare at yourself constantly throughout the day, to make you really think about your body. 

There is the really large mirror in the living room. 

You know how some mirrors make you look bigger and some are more slenderizing.  This one is definitely a fat mirror (and a dirty, smudged mirror....oops).

Then there is the mirror you see when you come downstairs.

Nothing like a full-length view of yourself, when you walk downstairs in the morning.

There is the mirror on the vanity in the master bedroom.  

This one I like...because it is attached to the vanity and since is not at a perfect 90 degree angle, it is a skinny mirror.

And, we can't forget the mirrors behind the closets in the 2 bedrooms.  Those are what I use to get dressed in the morning.   They are also "fat mirrors".  I think all the mirrors in the house are fairly old, and as mirrors get old, they sag ever so slightly, which makes the person look just a bit shorter and wider.  Not flattering. 

Being faced with all these mirrors day in and day out has really made me think about my body.   It's the first time in my life that I've really lived like this.

I kinda like it.  You see before, I never had any full-length mirrors ,so I when I would see myself fin a dressing room or bathroom, it was a bit of shock.   And depressing. I didn't really know what I looked like.

It was the main reason I did what I wore Sunday photos  for so was the easiest way for me to actually see what I looked like.  I haven't been posting what I wore Sunday recently, because I haven't had to.  I don't need to take pictures of myself to force me to look at my own body and face myself.  I do it everyday now.   Except I am linking up today....because I took all those pictures today...and I'm wearing what I wore today..Sunday. 

It's actually been a good thing.  It's helped me pick out clothes that are more flattering.  It's helped me accept my body more.  And, it's helped me on my (very slow) weight loss goals.   And, I do mean, very slow.   I don't believe in drastic weight loss changes.  I don't believe in 21-day fixes or temporary low-carb diets.  Those things don't work for me.  What I've been focusing on is slowly changing my habits.  Eating more slowly and mindfully (putting my fork down between every bite is huge). It's amazing how much more satisfied I feel with less food, when I eat slowly.  AMAZING.  Eating more vegetables and being aware of caloric density.  Mixing more caloric-ly dense foods with foods which are very caloric-ly lean (like mixing pasta with shredded zucchini and topping the whole thing with tomato sauce and cheese).  That is my new favorite way to eat pasta (one of this Italian girl's favorite foods).  The zucchini tastes better and the pasta is a lot more satisfying.  

Living in a house of mirrors has improved my body image.  I'm forced to face myself...imperfections and all...every day.   That is a good thing.  I can't hide from reality, which is good.  It makes it so much easier to say no to chocolate or that second helping. 

What about you?  Do you have any full-length mirrors?  How have they affected your body image?  What about weight loss?

And..this is the LAST of my promised posts.   Don't worry...I'll still keep blogging. You can't get rid of me that easily. 
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