Friday, September 11, 2015

7 Things About Elsa

Someone is turning 3 today!!

Happy Birthday Elsa!!

In honor of that....I'm going to share 7 things about Elsa.

1. Elsa was born at home.  Intentionally.  But, if it hadn't been intentionally, it could easily have been was that fast!  You can read her birth story here. 

2. Elsa loves babies. 

Here she is with baby Audrey.

I babysit Audrey 4 days a week.  Every day, we get a running commentary of what Audrey does.  Audrey said "ahh'.  Audrey kicked her legs.  Audrey rolled over.  Audrey's sucking her thumb. Audrey's eyes are closed.  Audrey's sleeping.  Yay......Audrey's here!!

3. Elsa likes to perform.  This performance is directed by Greta.

4. Elsa loves animals.  For her birthday, she wanted a cat cake.  Do I have a future in cake decorating or what?   Food photography too, for that matter. 

5. Elsa has been potty-trained for a year now.  Just because. I'm a big fan of early potty-training. 

6.  Elsa still loves to nurse.  We talked about weaning after she turns 3, but she didn't go for that idea.   Whenever we talk about getting no more na-na, she just says yes na-na, I DO want na-na. I do like na-na.  She WILL be weaned by her 4th birthday, however.  Mom's honor. 

7. Elsa's middle name is Rose.  When she was born, we wavered between naming her Elsa Rose or Elsa Marie. We chose Rose, because, right before she was born, her older brother, John, said that Rose is a beautiful name.  We felt bad for him, being the only boy and all.  So....John picked her middle name.   However, had we known that Disney was going to come out with a new princess named Elsa.....we would have named her Elise. Alas, Disney neglected to tell us about their movie plans.   How rude of them.   When she was first born and we told people here name, everyone was all Elsa---what a cute name, you don't hear that often. I love that. Now everyone is all, Elsa...her name is Elsa?  You named her after the Disney Princess???

Oh well. Even worse, Real Elsa loves Disney Elsa. I blame that on Greta....big sisters have big influence.

Happy Birthday Elsa!  We love you!


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