Saturday, September 5, 2015

Adventures in Babysitting and Other Things Going On

1, Does anyone remember that 1980's movie...Adventures in Babysitting?  Well...I started a babysitting/childcare gig. I watch this little 4-month old cutie, 4 days a week, all day.  It's nothing like the movie. 

Don't worry...her mom said I could post pictures of her.

 She's basically a dream baby and has been known to actually FALL ASLEEP ON HER OWN.  Multiple times actually.  Like, if she's acting tired, I can put her in the playpen, and she'll start sucking her thumb and just fall asleep.  Just like that?!!? 

I really like babies.....I'm definitely a baby person (not so much a toddler person).  So, it's been fun having a baby around. 

2.  Ben and I often ask each other, what one has to do to get a baby that easy.   We figured the answer is probably to have different parents.  Parents that can pass on the laid-back gene to their kids. (I do not have the laid-back gene) and most of my kids don't either.

3. Especially not this one....who turns 3 in just a week!   

We probably shouldn't have named her Elsa, because she came out thinking she was a Princess/Queen/World Dictator.

4. Actually, while Elsa's personality is very much to be very demanding and high needs, I do think parental practices can play a role.  My friend, Martha, wrote a really interesting piece about her change in parenting philosophy with her 2nd child.  While, I wouldn't say that I ever really made a point of following a PHILOSOPHY (I'm not a follower...never have been), I did generally tend to hold my babies a lot, nurse them every time they peeped or showed any signs or cues of wanting to nurse (like sucking on fingers) and generally they were just held a lot.  So, perhaps..just maybe, just maybe...that made them slightly more high-needs. Maybe.   Not Elsa though...she was born demanding.  

5. In other news.  Life is hard.  Really, really hard.  My husband is struggling with his new law practice.  It's harder than we thought it would be.   Most of the people who have contacted him have either been crazy, too poor to pay or a scam artist.  So..that's difficult.   He's also still applying for jobs, so we'll just hoping and praying that either his business will pick up or he'll find something.  Because right now, it's a huge struggle.   It's been like this for awhile, and it's hard to keep up hope or know the right thing to do.  Life is hard.  Everyone's life is hard, but sometimes it's harder than other times. This is one of the harder times.

6. Homeschooling is going well though.  Some days, (if my husband doesn't have much going on business-wise) he takes over the teaching so I can devote more time to my other work-at home gig along with watching the baby.  The kids say I'm a much nicer teacher than he is...he gives them more work.  

7. I cut my own hair. I always do.  I figure that my hair is wavy/curly enough that it hides a lot of haircut flaws. So...I do it myself.  I was starting to notice more than a few gray I decided it was time to go shorter.  Some people can pull off the long gray hair look...but not me.  I think that works best on people who had lighter hair to begin with.  You can't really see the gray in this picture....but it's there.   I'm too lazy, all-natural, paranoid about chemicals to dye my hair, so I guess I'll just try to gray gracefully.

Calling this my quick takes and being done with it!

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