Friday, September 25, 2015

Sick Kitty and Thoughts on the Pope and the Death Penalty

1.  Our poor kitty is sick. 

Doesn't he look pitiful?  And he likes to sleep in a box of Christmas beads. 

 It all started on Saturday night...he started making this awful caterwauling sound.  Awful.  Sunday, he wasn't eating or drinking and kept trying to use the litter box, but nothing came out.  Sunday, night I figured it all out.   Apparently it is super common for male cats to get completely blocked and unable to all.  This is extremely painful as you can imagine. So, Monday morning, we took him to the vet and sure enough he was completely blocked. His bladder was the size of a baseball.  Poor guy. 

2. At one time in my life, I wanted to a vet.  Now...I still love animals, but we're at the point in our lives where we really can't spend a lot of money on vet bills for a pet....beloved as that pet may be.   So, it was hard choosing whether to have him treated or put to sleep. I couldn't just let him to continue to suffer.

3.  Turns out that treating him wasn't as expensive as I was thinking, so we had him treated. Our vet is pretty down to earth and understands that not everyone wants to spend thousands of dollars on their pet.  So, we had him treated.  They catheterized him and he stayed at the vet one night. 

4. Now he's home, but still not doing well. Slowly he may be improving, but it's very slowly.  I have the vet in my frequent calls now.  Thankfully, they don't charge for phone calls!  He still isn't really eating...although he is drinking and peeing (all over himself), so we have him shut up in the basement (don't worry the basement is actually finished and nice) and we stopped the medication the vet gave him (that was probably making him pee on himself).  He's definitely lost weight though and is pretty traumatized by everything.   Poor guy.   I'm hoping he starts to pick up soon.  I miss my naughty kitty that jumps up on the table and gets into everything.

5.  On a totally unrelated note...did you see my post about the Probiotic giveaway?  There are still a few days left to enter.   I'm going to randomly pick a winner and announce next week.

6. The Pope is in America and my Facebook feed is blowing up with posts about him.  It seems about half my friends are thrilled with what he says and the other half are critical. Personally, I like what he says and I like that he is so social-justice orientated.  I'm not a fan of the death penalty and I am a big fan of subsidiarity and helping those in poverty.  I know a lot of people think he should be doing more to end abortion, but I do feel that helping the poor and abolishing the death penalty (in America, where it is not needed, we have the means to keep dangerous people imprisoned for life) is a step in the direction of abolishing abortion.  You can't garner respect for the unborn, unless you garner respect for all the born people...even those our society deems less desirable...those in poverty or prison.  The people that society tends to want to throw away as worthless. It seems as though a lot of people only value those who are innocent or productive. Yes, many people make very wrong or poor choices, but I think the saying "There but for the Grace of God, go I" is important to keep in mind.  Yes, it's important to fight abortion, but it is also important to fight for the rights and respect of ALL people. So..go Pope Francis!

7.  And that is probably the most controversial I will be in this blog for the next year or so.  So enjoy it now!

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