Friday, October 23, 2015

What's Going On, Thoughts on Death and Other Interesting Things

It's been awhile since I did a 7QTF post just generally updating what's going on in our here goes.

 He died at home about a week after he got really sick.  I had never watched anyone die before...but I watched our cat die.  All our other pets that have died, were either put to sleep or we woke up to a dead animal.  I never actually watched the dying process.  This time I did.   It was interesting (and sad) to see the body gradually shut down.  Now I know where term "half-dead" comes from.  For awhile, he really did seem to be in the front half of him seemed dead (no responses in his head at all), while the back half was still breathing and his tail would twitch on occasion.  Finally he breathed his last, and we had a nice burial for him in the back yard.  RIP William the Cat

2.  On a positive note, we got a dog about a week late.  On an unpositive note, the dog dug up the dead cat.  On a positive note, John was the 7-year old hero and re-buried William (because I couldn't bear to look and Ben was working).  Then we covered him with cinder blocks so the dog couldn't dig there anymore.  Thankfully he has stayed buried now,

We had been wanting a dog for awhile.  In fact, when we were looking at houses, one of the things we really wanted was a fenced in back yard, to make owning a dog easier.   I really love dogs and I love having a dog around.  He cleans the floor and eats all the dropped crumbs.  He's fun to play with and we have been enjoying a lot more walks since getting him.  He's super gentle with the kids, doesn't mess up the house, doesn't shed much and over all is just a great dog.  We are so lucky to have found him.   His only fault is that he tends to steal food....usually right out of Elsa's hand...but he's been known to climb on the table and grab anything left behind.  No one's perfect I guess. 

So this is George. John is teaching him how to play chess. 

 Supposedly he is a Corgidor...which is a fancy name for being part Labrador and Part Corgi. 

3. I'm still baby-sitting an infant 4 days a week.  It's going really well.  She's a super sweet baby.   Elsa loves her, especially.

Plus, now I sorta feel like I know how the other half lives.  The half that has babies that sleep in cribs and are fed on schedules.  It's kinda nice, actually.  Maybe I'll write a post on it but it's been interesting for me, because I've never had a baby that slept in a crib or fed on a schedule.  But with bottles you sorta need to schedule feedings....even though the baby is otherwise breastfed and gets pumped milk in her bottles.  However when you schedule feedings, you separate their feeding from their sleeping, so it's much easier to get them to sleep in a crib (or playpen actually) and much easier to get into a sleep schedule.  This baby just sucks her thumb and falls asleep all on her crying at all.  It's amazing actually! I like it.

4.  I'm also working at home with Leapforce.  That's not as fun..but the money is nice.  But it means my blogging time is more limited.  MUCH more limited. 

5.  Ben still has his law firm. It's been slow. He's been getting some calls, but business is still slow.  He's also started looking for jobs in firms.  So any prayers would be greatly appreciated as things are tough in that regard.

6.  Greta turned 11 the other day!  I didn't get a chance to post a whole birthday post for her, but here is her picture!

As you can see, she is beautiful, creative and has a flair for the dramatic.   Greta loves writing stores, telling stories, creating things and being in charge.  As you can also see, we are not into the whole fancy decorated cake think.  Slap some frosting, giant marshmallows and sprinkles on the thing and it's all good!

7.  Apparently Kelly is doing some sort of contest/question for 7QTF.  The question is What was your most popular Guick Takes.  Mine was on the 7 Standards of Ecological Breastfeeding.    Interestingly this is in opposition to what I wrote about scheduled feedings and crib/playpen sleeping. 

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