Wednesday, November 4, 2015

5 Reasons I Love Owning a Dog

1.  They clean your floor.   

They eat every.single.crumb or bit of dropped food. Everything. It's amazing. Like having your own personal maid for the floors. Our floors have never been so clean. I love it!

2. They are fun to take on walks.

When we were looking for houses, one of the things we really wanted was to live in a walkable neighbhorhood.  A neighborhood with nice sidewalks and tree-lined streets. Walking is one of my favorite activities and having a dog really encourages us to take lots of walks.  We went through a period of time where we took walks every day, but then we moved and lived in a very unwalkable place (right on a busy road) so we got out of the habit.  It's so nice to get back into it. 

It's also a great way to meet people in the neighborhood. Everyone wants to come up and pet our dog.  Unless they have their own dog that is.....then they are frantically pulling their jumping, excitable dog away from our jumping, excitable dog. 

3. They are great companions.

You just have to love someone that loves you back so much!  And petting a dog is a great natural stress-relief.  The kids fight over whose bed George sleeps in at night.   A dog is a great way to keep scary monsters away. 

4. They encourage responsibility in kids.

Dogs need to be fed and taken outside. Every single day. Even the littlest one can help out and they all fight over who gets to give George his daily treat.

5. They treat you like a returning war hero.

He's so excited and moving so fast, he's just a blur.

Whenever we leave the house, we get the royal treatment when we come back.  A little hero-worship is always good.  It's nice being greeted at the door by someone super excited to see us.

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