Sunday, January 31, 2016

The best of times. The worst of times. (Life with 3-year olds)

I don't know about your 3-year old, but with our 3-year old, everything is either the BEST or the WORST.  There is no middle of the road.  

For example

We didn't light the pink Advent candle.  The WORST  (yes, I started writing this in December and am just finishing it now). 

Mom and I are both wearing pink shirts. The BEST

I didn't get milk in the pink cup.  The WORST

I found my favorite kitty sweater. The BEST

My banana broke. THE WORST

My favorite pink dress is out of the wash.  The BEST

Mom won't let me watch any more episodes of Daniel Tiger's Neighbhorhood.  The WORST

I get to go on a walk and sit in the stroller in the freezing cold. The BEST

There is one itsy bitsy, teensy, weensy, tiny brown spot on my banana.  The WORST

The hair on the top of my head is brown. The BEST 

See brown!  How exciting!!

Someone is looking at me. The WORST

I'm wearing my fancy pink dress.  THE BEST.

Mommy went downstairs withtout me.  That's mean.  THE ABSOLUTE WORST

I get to close the door.  THE BEST

Mommy went to the bathroom without me.  I've been abandanoned.  Any minute wild wolves may come get me.  THE WORST OF THE WORST

We get ice cream.  THE BEST OF THE BEST

No one is doing what I want them to this VERY SECOND.  THE WORST, WORST, WORST, WORST, WORST THING EVER. 

That's a picture of me!!  THE BEST, BEST, BEST. 

Do you have numerous bests and worsts in your days?  Do share!

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