Sunday, February 28, 2016

WIWS -17 weeks and my thoughts on Maternity Fashion.

Maternity fashions have changed a lot in the last 14 years since I had my first.  Thank God. 

Fourteen years ago, the options were hideous, tent-like hideous and overall-hideous.  I actually had a pair of maternity overalls....but these weren't denim overalls. Oh no....they were this velvet, dress-up, black overalls.  I actually used to wear them to work.  Gulp.   Let's just say, those did not get put into the "keep" pile.

Even besides the whole-tent like thing, back 14 and 11 years ago when I was pregnant with #1 and #2, most maternity shirts where of the empire waist style.  I hate that style.  It works on some body types...but not mine.  For one thing, it only looks good when you have a sizable belly...which for me is not until the very end.  I tend to not get that big while pregnant.  Not that I don't gain plenty of weight....I do.  However, I have a long torso and tend to carry my babies more around the side than out in front.  With all my other pregnancies, even at the very end, I could still touch my toes, shave my legs, pick stuff up off the floor and overall get around just fine, up until the day of birth. 

Thankfully when #3 came along, tighter fitting shirts with the ruching (I think that's the word) at the side came into style.  I LOVE those shirts.  I love that they work for ALL stages of pregnancy, not just the end.  They don't look dorky and dumb before the belly gets really big.  I love shirts that are tighter and show off the belly, rather than ones that try to hide it in loads on fabric. I don't look good under loads of fabric.

You want to know what else doesn't work on me, maternity wise.  Dresses.  Some moms can really pull them off.  Not me. I hate wearing dresses while pregnant.  You want to know why?.Of course you do, that is why you are still reading.   Because my kids are smart thanks to a certain anatomical part. (Or maybe it's just good genes).  I tend to think I look ridiculous with a big rear end AND a big belly sticking out of a dress. It's just not flattering. Only one side should stick out at a time...the front or the back. Not both.  So, I like the the break-up of wearing separate pieces rather than all one piece of fabric when I have both a big rear AND a big belly.

So, with all that talk of maternity fashion, here's what I wore today.  17 week baby bump. Only 3 more weeks until we get to find out.  I DEFINITELY want to know early.  For sure. Not even a question.  I do NOT get the whole surprise thing. 

Actually, none of these clothes are maternity clothes. The jacket is from ThredUp.  The skirt is from target.  The shirt is old and from a store that is now out of business. The boots are Zulily.  And the tights are super sexy, medical-grade compression stockings from Discount Surgical because when you get to be old like me, you have to deal with varicose veins. 

One of my favorite bloggers, Rosie, is hosting What I Wore Sunday.  Check her out.


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