Thursday, March 24, 2016

It's a.......and why we always find out sex before birth.


Another one that's sugar and spice.  Our boy will be the sandwich...two older sisters and two younger sisters. 

I know there are some people who do not like to find out their baby's sex before birth.  I am not those people.  I have no idea why anyone would not want to know. 

Of course there are also people who don't check the mail as soon as it comes.  I am also not those people.  The very second I hear the mail hit the mail slot, I jump up to get it. 

I like to know things and find things out.

Here are a few reasons I love finding out the sex before birth.

I don't like surprises.  Some people like to be surprised, but I don't.

I hate gender neutral clothing.  At least on babies.  In my experience, everyone assumes babies are least my babies who tend to be bald. And, I don't like it when people confuse my girls for boys.  It annoys me.  One of the fun things about having babies is picking out their clothes and dressing them in whatever I want.  It only lasts a short time.  By age 2 or so, all my kids had decided opinions about what they wanted to wear so I like to enjoy it while it lasts.

We can focus on a name better.  It's easier to focus on picking out a name when we know the baby's sex before birth. 

I just want to KNOW.   This is probably the biggest thing.  I like knowing.  I find it agonizing waiting until 20 weeks to find out.  I couldn't imagine waiting even longer.   There is enough uncertainty and hardship in life as it is. What I can know, I like to know. 

I can't think of one good reason NOT to find out.  I mean I wouldn't have an extra ultrasound or pay for a special blood test, but if they are going to do the anatomy ultrasound anyway, and you CAN find out, why not?  I have not heard one compelling reason to wait, and not knowing (when I COULD know) would just drive me crazy.

What about you?  DO you like to find out or do you prefer to wait?


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