Sunday, May 1, 2016

First Holy Communion, What I Wore Sunday, Sunday Best and Thoughts on Pregnancy

Rosie is hosting a new link-up called My Sunday Best,  and since I like Rosie and I like her blog and I like posting pictures of what I wore we are!  It's similar to the old What I Wore Sunday link-up, but that one seemed to sorta peter out. 

Today was a special Sunday.  John had his First Holy Communion today!

He was not a fan of having to dress up and all the pictures, but I think he liked the First Communion part.

We celebrated by having friends and family over and a gluten-free, dairy-free cake wreck of a cross cake.

Here's some pictures of what I/we wore.

John doesn't like to have his shirt tucked in, as you can see.

Baby Bump: 26 weeks
Shirt: 14 year old maternity shirt from who knows where?  Seriously.  I bought it when I was pregnant with Heidi 14 years ago. Haven't worn it that much, but never got rid of it for some reason
Pants: non-maternity, non-buttoned, that's what belly bands are for dress pants.
Boots: old and from somewhere?

I'm wearing pants because I don't like the way I look in dresses while pregnant.  I just feel like pants look better with a big belly on me.

So 26 weeks pregnant already.  I find that hard to believe.  I don't really like being pregnant.  Physically I feel fine. I've never really struggled that much physically.  Mentally, I just find it sorta exhausting.  Mostly because I never REALLY know if everything is okay with the baby.  I mean, I go to the doctor and everything and is fine and I feel this baby kicking and squirming quite a bit.  But still, you just never really know.  Pregnancy just seems like an uncertain time, because you don't really, really know that all is well with the baby until she is born.   I'm always super aware of how often the baby kicks and do a lot of kick counts and try to wake the baby up so I can feel kicking.  Usually it's fine, but it seems like sometimes this baby goes through a few days where she is really quiet and moves less frequently and then she goes back to moving a lot.  I assume it's just a growth spurt and she's doing lots of sleeping, but it freaks me out.   With my other kids, I can just look at them and tell they are fine.  They are acting normal and running around and it's fairly easy to say that they are healthy.  With an unborn baby, I feel like I never really know.   I mean, here is your child that you already love, but you can't see them, so at any moment you are never 100% sure they are okay.  So, I worry. 

Maybe that's just me??

Anyway, Happy Sunday everyone!!


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