Sunday, May 15, 2016

My Sunday Best - 28 weeks, Free Clothes and Posts I Want to Write

Linking up with Rosie for My Sunday Best.  28 weeks.....start of the third trimester!! Yay!  All my other kids were born sometime during the 38th week, so I'm hoping this means I only have 10-11 weeks left.

Here's what we wore:

I thought this was a cute action shot of Elsa.  Ignore her totally worn out in the knees on her tights.  We'll have to change those. 
Elsa is modeling red for Pentecost.  How liturgically appropriate of her.  Yeah....we totally did that on purpose. <wink>

John is modeling his new "church shirt" from Schoola.

My sweater and pants are both from Schoola....which is a new online thrift shop I just discovered.  I like it better than ThredUp....although that is good too.  Schoola donates 40% of their proceeds to schools and I think they have more variety at lower prices.   Part of this is probably because they aren't as picky about brands as ThredUp  and they definitely carry more off-brand clothing.  They sell clothing for woman and children, so there is lots to see and find there.  They don't allow returns, but if you buy something and it is incorrect or not as described, they will take care of you!

If you buy something through my link at Schoola sometime during the next 60 days, you get $20 credit....and so do I!!  So , go click my link and get yourself some free clothes.  There are lots of things you can find for less than $20....plenty for less than $10 even.  Everyone loves free clothes...right!

Oh....and if you use my link at ThredUp, you get $10 free...and so do I.  So if you haven't tried them out yet, you should!

Hey...I'm giving you like $30 worth of free clothes!  You're welcome!

And even better, I'll give you a promise that I will write these posts.  Sometime in the hopefully not too, too distant future!  My blogging has been rather sporadic lately, but I really WANT to blog.  Finding the time is hard though.

Why I decided to skip the infant car seat.

Homeschooling: the good, the bad and the ugly. 

Why I don't wish for time to slow down.

How we choose baby names.

You can look forward to those.  Or not.

Go check out some more Sunday Best at Rosie's!


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