Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Eloquent Elsa

This is Elsa.  She will be 4 in September.  She talks A LOT and says all sorts of crazy things.

Talking to Greta:

When you were younger and your name was Elsa, you liked that toy.

Talking to Greta:

Greta: Elsa, you should hate the color pink.                           
 Elsa: But, I'm not you yet.

After the UPS man delivers a package:

I love that man. 


She loves her pets.

George (dog) is my daddy and Zorro (cat) is my mommy.

When I grow up, I'm going to marry George.  (by the time she grows up, you will probably be able to do that...legally).

Whenever someone says something she doesn't like:

THANKS A LOT! (in a total sarcastic tone).

Random question:

When will my bones come out?

When leaving with Daddy to go someplace:

Bye George, Bye Zorro, Bye Mommy Amelia

After running a race with her siblings:

My hair is fast.

After coming in from playing in her kiddie pool: 


This is NOT our kiddie pool

After asking if she can have chocolate chips in her (plain, homemade yogurt):  

And I want TOO MUCH chocolate chips.

After John asked to stay up and read:

N-O spells NO.  You get what you get.

When talking about where various family members were born. 

I was born in Frozen.  (actually she was born in Florida, which is pretty much the opposite of Frozen, a  year before that dratted movie came out).  


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