Sunday, September 18, 2016

Our Sunday Best, Life Updates

Greta asked me to take a picture of her for my blog today.  She wants you all to know what she wore Sunday.

Very fashionable!

And since I decided to post about Greta, I figured I'd take pictures of all other willing participants, so you can all see our Sunday best.

Here is Elsa posing for the back to school catalogue.  

Annika is 7 weeks old now and went for the baby giraffe look! she didn't really give verbal consent.

So, I'll take her big smiles as consent instead.

Here is what I wore...7 weeks postpartum.   How long can I use that postpartum label to excuse my squishy belly?  A year from now, I'll be all "here I am, 13 months postpartum" 

Ignore baby spit-up stain on my shirt.  

That's all the willing participants this week. 

In other news, Heidi started high school at a local, public, magnet high school after being homeschooled for 8 years. 

So far, she's doing well.  All A's and overall she likes it!

However, the most exciting news of all, is that three years after graduating from law school, 2 years of underemployment/working on his own at his own business (getting a few clients during that time, but not enough),  my husband FINALLY got a job with a law firm!  Starts on Tuesday. Yay! We're super excited about it. 

That's all for now.  You can look forward to my next blog post in a few days weeks. 

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