Wednesday, November 23, 2016

A Loaf of Bread

Every Baby Comes Carrying a Loaf of Bread Under His (Her) Arm - Spanish/Italian/Something Proverb

That has certainly been true in our case. evidence.

The day Annika was born, my husband had his first job interview for his new job.  Yes...that very day.  As in, he had the interview scheduled for 9 AM and my water broke at 7 AM.  Whee!!  I actually didn’t go into labor until 4:30 PM and she was born at 7:45 PM.  

So, it all worked out.  Then he had his second interview when she was only 11 days old and he got the actual offer just before she turned 6 weeks.

A really great loaf of bread.  We have been praying for this job for the last 6 years!

Seriously...he switched from a career in teaching to law school back in 2010 and we have been praying for this job ever since he first started.   

Six years!  

There were many, many dark moments during that time.  Many tears and lots of despair.
It’s been a bunch of tough lessons about learning patience and trust and hope and all that good stuff.  Very, very tough.  But amazingly enough, we did okay.  We always had enough money each month.  Somehow, something would always come through so all our needs were always met.  We learned lots of frugal habits….like not buying paper towels (a habit I have since given up).  After years of looking for a sustainable, effective work at home job, where I could actually make money working at home, I finally found one.  

So we did okay....with some (lots of) help.  But, we were still waiting and hoping for that job. Finally, finally, finally it came.

God is always faithful. God always takes care of us. Many people would say that one shouldn't have a baby if things aren't just peachy-keen financially. That you need to own a house and have a big bank account and money for college. The thing is, things are almost never peachy-keen. And even when they are, things can change in an instant. While owning a house and a big bank account and money for college are good things, they aren't necessary. Three out of my five children would not exist if we had waited for things to be financially perfect. That would be sad....those children not existing. I don't know what they will do in life, but hopefully they will grow up and make the world a better place. They will be kind and helpful and smart and do good things.  

New babies are worth it.  Even when they don’t come bearing such an obvious loaf of bread, they always bring their own blessing and joy. Babies are people and people are worth fighting for. They are worth bringing into the world, even when life isn't perfect. Life is rarely perfect. If no one had babies unless life was perfect, this world would be a much emptier place.

Babies have this tendency to make the world better, to bring out the best in others. To inspire others to be more giving and caring and loving. The world certainly needs more love.

Parenthood is about the only thing left that the world encourages unselfishness in. Babies have a tendency to make people less selfish. Which is a very, very good thing. Here's to all the babies!!

Have a wonderful, happy Thanksgiving!.


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