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How to teach our children a “zero-waste” lifestyle

zero wasteMany people say they could be life in zero-waste method but they have children. I don’t understand: I believe children are the greatest reason to live ecologically! When we are die, they stay. With this planet. So we must try harder for the Earth – for them.

So what can you do to purpose zero-waste lifestyle with your children?
1) Don’t buy. Change with friend or family.
I mean here mainly clothes and toys. Children grow fast and don’t have a time to destroy their clothing. That means you can give it someone else, who has smaller kids. And from the other side – you have no need to buy new cloths, when you can get it from your friends with bigger children. The same do with toys. I bet your children have too many toys, don’t they? Don’t buy it – or buy only high-quality toys, which can you later give other kids.
2) Don’t buy snacks, make it at home
Your children have no need to eat chocolate bat in plastics bag. They can eat self-made pie with fruits (or even with chocolate) from the multiple box. Use one water bottle several times or buy yourself and your children metallic bidon, which you can use through years.
zero waste bear3) Teach children to reuse things
For example: old, destroyed blouse can be perfect fabric for a teddy bear. Or maybe you can make from it a shopping bag? There is a lot of possibilities. Don’t throw away – let your creativity to be active!

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