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My child has a fever! What can I do before going to a doctor?

feverAutumn, winter and early spring are not so friendly for our health. Colds and flu are common. Our workmates sneeze and cough and it is easy to get sick too. What we can do to improve our immunity?

First, wear properly clothes. Not too warm and not too cold.

Eat hot meals, if the weather is not so good. Drink warm tea or coffee. You can add spices to it, for example chili, ginger or turmeric. Eat a lot of vegetables. Practice sport. Maybe not outside (it is cold, I know) but you can go to the gym. Be in a good form.

What if I have a fever already?
natural medicine

You can try a natural antibiotic before to go to the doctor, for example a garlic and an onion. You can make a sandwich: bread with butter and garlic slices. Drink warm (warm, not hot!) tea with lemon, honey and ginger. Stay in bed and try to keep in warm.

And what about a running nose?

Try a peppermint inhalation. You can also put a few drops of peppermint oil on a kerchief and take it with yourself. W case of need – you will sniff it. It makes you easy to breathe.

I have also sore throat!

I make an onion syrup to my children in that case. I pour slices of onion with sugar. I cover it and leave it on 24 hours. They take one little spoon every morning and before sleep through three days. And it really helps.

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