Just another Catholic mama, who used to to take ultrasound pictures of bovine ovaries, but stopped that in favor of raising the products of my own ovaries.  These awesome ovarian products (a.k.a children) are Heidi (b. Feb 2002), Greta, (b. Oct 2004), John (b. Feb. 2008) and Elsa (b. Sept. 2012).  My husband, Ben is a spanish teacher, turned law school student, turned lawyer.  We are the players on this blog.

They all play chess. I don't.  Instead I blog.  Thanks for reading my thoughts!

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  1. Amelia!

    I couldn't find a link to email you. I just saw this article...http://shine.yahoo.com/parenting/breastfeeding-note-from-pizza-waitress-pays-it-forward-164047499.html

    and though you might be interested in it!

    Have a wonderful night!


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